How Much do Photographers Make

January 01

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The profession of photographer is well known, since their work is always visible.

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Photography is a growing field and more and more people  are choosing it as a career now. It is being taught in schools as a subject and has great scope in the future.

You need photos everywhere, from magazines to events etc. The importance of photos hasn’t reduced even though most people now carry their own camera, still you need professional photographers to click neat photos.

So, how much do photographers make? There cannot be one answer to this question as the amount of money you make depends on several factors including:

  • Your Experience: Experienced photographers make more money. This works like any other business, the more experience you have the more amount you can demand.
  • Nature of Photography: Photography is broken into different types including,  wildlife photography wedding photography etc. The amount of money a photographer makes largely depends on this factor as well.
  • Nature of Work: While it is easy to tell how much photographers make when they are on a pay roll, but predicting a freelancer’s pay can be difficult. Since many photographers work as freelancers, a lot of research had to be done to write this article.

A professional photographer is said to make around $70,000 a year. However, if you talk to photographers, you will find that some are making less and some might be making more. Let’s dig deep into this:

Hobbyist (under $25): There are many people who are passionate about taking photos. They have a good eye and like to share their passion with the world. Many have a job in another or related field, and click photos only as a hobby. These photographers make under $25/hour. 

Amateur Photographers ( $25 – $100 Per Hour): These photographers have a little more experience than a hobbyist and they know how to sell their photographs via blogs or an online portfolio. They also use professional cameras and hence can demand more pay.

Student Level - ($35-85 Per Hour): Individuals who work under experts have an upper edge as they get to know the business. However, some students may be willing to work at a lower rate as they need real life experience.

Semi-Pro ($50 – $150 Per Hour): These are the photographers who are ambitious to join the photography business as full-time professionals. They may have a job or another income source to support them, however their aim is to set foot in the photography field once they see the opportunity. They have great potential and crafty work but are not quite ready to jump into the big league. Some like to work part-time to stay in the field and keep looking for that one moment of glory that would make them famous.

Professional ($75-$250 Per Hour): A professional photographer is one who has tonnes of experience and has proven his worth time and again. Professional photographers work full-time and can demand a nice amount of money.

Top Professional ($200-$500+ Per Hour): The elite class of photographers can demand as high as $10,000 per day. They usually work for big companies and shoot promotional photos and celebrity events.

All these photographers use  tools like Luminar to stand out in the world of photography. This can be the difference between a good photograph and a bad one.