How to Become a Wildlife Photographer

January 01

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Observing wild life in the original nature environment is thrilling and exciting.

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Photography is a fantastic field to get into. Many people like to photograph what's around them and some are very good at it. Photography is a wide field and wildlife photography is a specialty that can actually pay well if you choose it as a full blown career.

Wildlife photography is usually for individuals who love the wilderness. It is all about clicking at the right moment and capturing the wildness. So how can you become a wildlife photographer? Here are the tips:

Learn Basic Photography

You need to be a photographer before you become a wildlife photographer. Learn to use a camera, understand about light and different equipment used before going all out.

You do not have to start looking for wildlife right away. The truth is that wildlife photography is difficult. You are not clicking still objects, instead you’re clicking animals that are on the move. It can be tricky to get the right shot, so you need to first get comfortable with a camera.

Assist Someone

The next step is to look for an expert and assist him or her. There are tonnes of wildlife photographers out there looking for assistants. This would give you on-job training and allow you to understand the art better.

Look For Photogenic Environments:

The primary concern of a wildlife photographer should be to find a spot that looks photogenic, that is naturally beautiful. Wildlife doesn’t mean you have to go to a jungle, you can start from your rooftop and click the eagles flying above you.

Start Off With Safe/Basic Species

If you’re starting out fresh, choose a common or easy-to-capture specie. While being able to photograph lions and snakes is tempting, it’s very risky and you wouldn’t want to do it in the beginning of your career.

Be Patient

Photographing wild creatures requires persistence since you have no control over the reaction of the animal. The dog will not pose the way you want to. Photographer often have to wait days before getting a perfect shot, so make sure to put in such dedication.

Do Research And Carry Necessary Gear

Research your subject and location. You’ll need to know about their behavior as well; where your subject likes to live, what it feeds on, when it may appear.

When you finally click the perfect shot, don’t forget to give it a few editing touches. A recommended software which makes your wildlife photography more lively is Luminar and it is used by most of the professionals.

The tool is available for Mac users and is extremely easy to go. Most wildlife photographers edit their photos to correct issues, especially lights as wildlife photography can be tricky since you aren’t exactly timing the shot.

Once all is ready, you need to look at buyers for your shot. You may sell it to one of the many wildlife magazines or online sites that purchase photos.