Ten Photography Tips for Beginners

December 15

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Digital photography is a lot of fun and it has made photography accessible to many.

Digital photography is a lot of fun and it has made photography accessible to many. But there is also so much to learn. Some people blame their cameras when their photos don’t turn out the way they’d like, but you don’t need expensive equipment to take good photos. What can you do to improve your photography? We’ve put together a list of ten tips we think can be helpful for beginner photographers.

1. Know your camera.

The best way to get as much as possible from your gear is to know what it can do. You can learn a lot by reading the manual and experimenting with your camera. Once you know what your camera can do, it will be easy to create what you want with it.

2. Practice, practice, practice.

Take your camera with you as often as you can and photograph everything. Experiment with different subjects, different times of day and different locations. You may be surprised to learn that you love doing landscapes when you thought you wanted to photograph models. You just never know.

Ten Photography Tips for Beginners Image1

3. Shoot what you love.

If you have a passion for a certain subject like children, architecture, flowers, start by photographing that. Your love for your subject will show in your work and it will make it much more enjoyable.

4. Shoot in your own backyard.

Don’t discount your immediate surroundings as a place for your photography. Sure, it would be wonderful to photograph exotic locations, but if you can’t travel, check out your own neighborhood. This will help you see more creatively for when you do take that dream vacation.

Ten Photography Tips for Beginners Image2

5. Learn the basics.

Composition, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and aperture are all important. There are many free (and paid) resources on the internet to learn just about everything when it comes to the technical aspects of photography. Use those resources as much as you can because with the basics down, you can expand your creativity and find new ways to see.

6. Pay attention to light.

Where it's coming from and in regards to your subject and could it be better or worse at a different time of day? Back-lit silhouettes can be very interesting. And don’t forget about the weather. Things look quite different on a cloudy day than how they look on a bright sunny day.

Ten Photography Tips for Beginners Image3

7. Create a system to organize your files and back them up.

You will take a lot of photos so it’s best to be organized from the very beginning. Besides that, there’s nothing worse than a computer crash for a digital photographer. You could lose everything if you don’t have it backed up.

8. Try a different point of view (up high, down low).

We tend to look at things eye-level. Try a different point of view, especially with pets and children.

Ten Photography Tips for Beginners Image4

9. Use a tripod.

Sharp images are key and often that requires a tripod. For best results use the shutter timer on your camera.

And last, but certainly not least, have fun learning and never stop. There’s a lot to learn when you first start but even the experts will tell you that they are always learning. What tips would you suggest? Share them in the comments below.

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