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How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine

July 01

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If you want to boost your jewelry sales online or grab attention on social media, check out this guide! You’ll learn how to edit your photos to make them sparkle and transform everyday shots into professional-looking images!

How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image1Hey there! Ready to give your jewelry photos a serious glow-up? Whether you're snapping pics to sell your handmade pieces online or just want to flood your followers with sparkly shots, this jewelry retouching tutorial can elevate your images from simple to stunning!

This post is packed with easy, effective tips to help you master the magic of photo editing. No tech skills? No worries! We’re keeping it straightforward and fun!

Why To Retouch Jewelry Photos

How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image2Jewelry has shiny surfaces and shows every tiny detail, which can be hard to capture just right. Editing helps fix these issues, making sure the metals glow and the gems sparkle without any distracting glare!

When you start post-processing, you can highlight the best parts of each piece and fix any small imperfections. This step is vital not just to make the jewelry look attractive but also to ensure your photos meet the requirements of different online platforms like Amazon or Instagram, where you might be selling or showing your pieces.

Simple retouching can help your jewelry stand out to customers and potentially lead to more sales!

Basics of Jewelry Photography

How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image3Before you start editing, it’s important to know how to take good jewelry photos. Check out our detailed guide on how to photograph jewelry for all the essentials. If you’re just starting out, our product photography tips for beginners can also help boost your sales!

So, what to pay attention to:

  • Lighting: Soft, diffused light works best to avoid harsh shadows and bright spots. Try using side lighting to highlight details and reflectors to brighten dark areas.

  • Background: Choose a simple background. For example, black velvet is great for most jewelry, and white backgrounds can work well for light-colored pieces.

  • Angles: Experiment with different angles to show off the jewelry’s shape and features. Direct front shots are good for a clear view, while angled shots add depth.

  • Details: Close-up shots show off the fine details, so consider using a macro lens for capturing things like gemstones and engravings.

  • Focus: The entire piece of jewelry must be in sharp focus to capture every detail.

  • Exposure: It’s better to slightly overexpose your photos when shooting. You can adjust brightness later, but it’s hard to recover details from underexposed areas.

  • Polish Jewelry: Always clean your jewelry before photographing. Polished pieces photograph better because they reflect light more beautifully.

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Guide to Jewelry Photo Editing

    1. Exposure and White Balance Adjustments

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image4First things first: let’s get the lighting in your photo to look just like it would if the jewelry were sparkling right in front of you. To fix the exposure or the overall brightness, you can slide the exposure control back and forth until everything looks just right — not too dark, not too bright.

    Next up is white balance, which makes sure the colors in your photo look true to life. Sometimes photos can come off as too cold (blue tones) or too warm (yellow tones), especially when taken under artificial lighting. You can play around with the temperature and tint controls to dial in the perfect balance manually, making your silver shimmer and your gold gleam without any color distortions.

    2. Fine-Tuning Hue and Saturation

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image5Colors need to be spot-on, especially with something as visually sensitive as jewelry. If the color of your necklace or ring isn’t exactly how it looks in real life, it could lead customers to hesitate. Look for the Hue/Saturation setting to tweak these colors! 

    3. Sharpening the Image

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image6The final touch is to make sure every facet, every engraving, and even the tiniest details are visible and vivid. Luminar Neo's SupersharpAI is designed to improve the perception of image quality by enhancing fine details and textures, often lost during the initial image processing or due to compression. This AI-driven tool works wonders on a variety of image qualities, even those that are blurry or low-resolution!

    4. Adding Shadows

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image7Adding shadows to your jewelry photos can make them look more realistic and appealing!

    • Set Up Your Image: Start with your jewelry photo on a plain white background.

    • Add the Shadow: Use a soft brush in your photo editing software to gently add a shadow right below the jewelry. Make the shadow light and not too sharp—think of how a shadow looks on a sunny day, soft and with subtle edges.

    • Blend the Shadow: Soften the edges of the shadow so it blends naturally with the background. This makes the jewelry look grounded and enhances its appearance.

    5. Using Masking

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image8Masking lets you edit just the jewelry without changing the whole picture, which is perfect for making specific parts of your photo pop!

    To begin, draw a mask around the jewelry. This works like a protective barrier that lets you change things like brightness or color on the jewelry only, without affecting the background.

    Now, you can brighten the gems or make the metal shine more, and these changes will only apply to the jewelry, not the entire image.

    6. Removing Small Flaws

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image9Spot healing is great for cleaning up little imperfections on your jewelry that might be distracting, such as dust or smudges.

    First, in your editing software, find the Spot Healing Brush. This tool is smart — it knows how to fill in the flawed spot with a texture that matches the surrounding area.

    Adjust the brush size so it's just a bit bigger than the flaw, and click or drag it over the imperfections to make them disappear. You can also try an image eraser in Luminar Neo that will remove unwanted things in one click!

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    7. Creating Lens Flare

    How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image10Lens flare can add a magical sparkle to your jewelry photos, making them feel more dynamic and eye-catching. To create this effect:

    1. Select the Right Tool: Use software like Luminar Neo, which provides an easy way to add lens flare overlays. Open your photo and go to the Edits tab.

    2. Choose Your Flare: Navigate to the Layers section, click on the plus sign, and select 'Overlays.' Pick a lens flare that complements your jewelry without overwhelming it.

    3. Adjust the Flare: Place the lens flare so that it enhances the photo’s aesthetics, such as highlighting a reflective surface on the jewelry or simulating sunlight.

    8. Changing the Background

      How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image11Changing the background can dramatically enhance the focus on your jewelry. Use Luminar Neo’s Background RemovalAI for a straightforward approach:

      1. Open Your Photo: In Luminar Neo, find the Background RemovalAI tool.

      2. Remove the Background: With a single click, the tool automatically removes the existing background, letting you replace it with something that enhances the jewelry’s appeal.

      9. Cropping

      How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image12Cropping is more than just cutting down your photo; it’s about enhancing the composition to draw the viewer’s eye directly to your jewelry:

      • Enhance Focus: Crop close to bring the jewelry into clearer focus and make it the central feature.

      • Improve Composition: Remove any distracting elements around the edges and adjust the orientation or aspect ratio to better suit the piece.

      10. Adding Filters

      How To Edit Jewelry Photos - A Step-By-Step Guide To Shine Image13Filters can make your images instantly recognizable, especially on platforms like social media!

      Once you've edited your photos, look at them together to ensure they all carry a consistent style. After that, choose a filter that complements the natural beauty of the jewelry and apply it to all your photos to maintain a cohesive look across your collection!


      Overall, if you master these jewelry photography editing tips, you're not just post-processing photos; you're crafting a more engaging and persuasive visual story that can elevate your sales!

      Dive into these e-commerce image editing tips, experiment with what you've learned, and watch your product shine in its full glory. So, don't hesitate — start applying these skills and make your jewelry photos as dazzling as the real thing!

      Jewelry Photography Retouching: Simple Hacks For Great Result | Skylum How-to(2)

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      Jewelry Photography Retouching: Simple Hacks For Great Result | Skylum How-to(14)