Adjustable Gradient

Separately adjust the top and bottom sections of your image.

Use this filter to select and adjust two different parts of your image, the top and bottom, separately. Typically used on landscapes, the Adjustable Gradient filter helps to make specific adjustments to the two separate parts of a scene.

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Filter controls


Adjusts the luminance of the image. Moving a slider to the left results in a darker image and moving it to the right results in a brighter image. Refine an image by independently adjusting the relative exposure for both the top and bottom of the image.


Separate contrast controls allow you to modify the amount of contrast at the top and bottom of the image. Contrast is the difference in luminance or color that makes an object in an image distinguishable from another.


This slider is a ""Smart Saturation” control. It increases less vibrant colors and has a weaker effect on more vibrant colors. This allows you to get more realistic and less saturated colors.


This slider affects how warm or cool an image appears. A positive value adds warmth while a negative value cools the image.


The blend control affects how smooth or a transition there is between the top and bottom adjustment. A higher value creates a soft transition while a lower value is more abrupt.


The shift option moves the transition point between adjustments. By default it is centered top-to-bottom, but this can be raised or lowered in the frame.


If your image is angled (or your scene has strong geometric composition) you can rotate the angle of the blending. You’ll find controls to rotate + or - 90°.

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