Adjust the brightness of your photos.

This simple, yet important tool allows you to adjust the exposure to bring a bit of brightness (or darkness) to all your images. Simply move the slider to the right to lighten an image taken in the evening, or move the slider to the left to add darkeness to the overall image.

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Exposure Filter in Luminar | Skylum


Exposure Filter in Luminar | Skylum(2)


Filter controls

Exposure Filter in Luminar | Skylum(3)


Brighten your entire image by moving the slider to the right or darken to the left.

Exposure Filter in Luminar | Skylum(4)

David Crewe

Pro Photographer


David J. Crewe is an award winning commercial portrait & landscape photographer currently based out of Las Vegas Nevada. With a career spanning multiple industries, David has found himself not just creating stunning images, but also writing for several media outlets including Fstoppers, Resource Magazine, Photofocus, as well as creating educational content for Phlearn, Macphun, Borrowlenses, Manfrotto, as well as his own personal website & YouTube channels.

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Exposure Filter in Luminar | Skylum(12)