Explore Pinterest's latest color trends, including shades like Gummy Pink and Moss Green, and see how they can make your photos stand out. Learn why these hues are special and how using them can bring your photography to a new level of appeal!

Welcome to our exploration of the color palette 2024. This year, Pinterest unveils its first-ever annual selection, inspired by what's trending as we head into 2024. Within this palette, you'll find hues such as Gummy Pink, Moss Green, and Mocha Brown. These hues promise to add new dimensions and feelings to your photographs!

Mastering the use of these color sets can elevate the quality of your photos, whether photography is your passion or profession. The right mix can help your work shine. In this post, we're introducing the 5 best matching color sets from Pinterest for 2024, offering you the perfect inspiration for your next photography project!

Let's see how these latest color trends can bring your photography projects to life, making them more compelling and visually striking!

The Importance of Color in PhotographyColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(2)

Think of color as the secret ingredient in your photography recipe. It's what can take a snapshot from "just another photo" to something that stops people in their tracks. Imagine the warmth of a sunset turning the sky pink, or the calmness of a forest painted in shades of green — colors do more than just please the eye; they stir emotions and tell stories without words.

When you pick hues carefully for your photos, it's like choosing the right spices for a dish. The perfect mix can elevate a simple picture into a masterpiece that people can't help but notice. It's not merely about the visual appeal; it's about sparking feelings and thoughts in anyone who looks at your work. Find out more about color psychology in photography from our previous post; it’s full of useful information!

How The Trending Color Pallets Were PickedColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(3)

Have you ever wondered how these colors got chosen? The team at Pinterest, known as Pinterest’s House of Creative, started by looking at what people are searching for, like "blue jellyfish" or "aqua makeup looks." They noticed which colors people talked about the most in these searches.

Then, they didn't just stop there. They also looked at what's popular right now in fashion, decorating, and design, and even what's going on in the world. They compared all this information to find the top five that seem to be everywhere this year, not just on Pinterest!

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Top 5 Pinterest Color Sets for 2024Color Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(4)

Discover the set to define the year 2024, as forecasted by Pinterest. From the serene to the vibrant, these hues offer endless creative possibilities for photographers!

1. Gummy PinkColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(5)

This shade is where dusty pink meets bold blush, drawing from trends like Kitschens, Bow Stacking, and Melty Mashups. Far from the millennial pink of yesteryears, Gummy Pink shines in portraits and spring landscapes, offering a delicate touch that's both fresh and nostalgic.

2. Moss Green

A blend of dark olive and lime green, inspired by trends like Aquatecture, Tropic Like It’s Hot, and Making a Racket. Moss Green is versatile, perfect for capturing nature and moments of tranquility, embodying the essence of the outdoors.

3. Mocha BrownColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(6)

Imagine your favorite cup of coffee with deep caramel and a hint of greyish brown. Mocha Brown, influenced by Cafécore and Western Gothic trends, is ideal for urban and rustic scenes, offering rich, warm tones that add depth to any composition.

4. Desert OrangeColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(7)

Bright, warm, and full of life, Desert Orange comes from rust-inspired trends such as Dirt Flirts, Groovy Nuptials, and Jazz Revival. Its vibrant hue works well in dynamic settings, from lively street photography to serene sunsets.

5. Aqua BlueColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(8)

Inspired by the deep blue sea and trends like Be Jelly, Blue Beauty, and Hot Metals, Aqua Blue brings a splash of the ocean's tranquility and depth to your photos, ideal for aquatic themes or capturing the cool serenity of a summer sky.

These color sets, chosen based on popular search terms and cultural trends, reflect a broad spectrum of inspiration. From nature's tranquility to the vibrancy of urban life, Pinterest's colors of 2024 invite photographers to explore new horizons and capture the world through a fresh lens! 

How to Use Color Sets in Your PhotosColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(9)

Adding Pinterest's hue sets to your photography can really make your pictures pop. Here are simple ways to do it and some tips on choosing the right colors for your photos.

1. Know What Each Color Means

Every shade can make us feel something different. For example, Gummy Pink might give a gentle, loving vibe, while Desert Orange could add a burst of energy. Think about the feeling you want your photo to give off, and pick colors that fit that mood.

2. Look at Your Subject

The color of what you're taking a picture of is important. Mocha Brown might be perfect for pictures of coffee shops or old buildings, making them feel cozy. Aqua Blue could be great for beach photos, adding a cool, refreshing touch.

3. Use Light to Your Advantage

The time of day can change how colors look. Morning or late afternoon light can make hues like Desert Orange look even warmer. A cloudy day can help show the true colors of cooler shades like Moss Green and Aqua Blue without harsh shadows.

4. Add Colors with Backgrounds or Clothes

If your main subject doesn't have the color you want, try adding it with a background or what people are wearing. A bright Gummy Pink wall or a Moss Green jacket can bring those hues into your photo easily.

5. Change Colors After You Take the Photo

Sometimes, you might want to tweak the shades in your photo after you've taken it. Luminar Neo is an AI photo editor that lets you change the color of a photo easily. To recolor images, just open the Color Tool and play around with the sliders to make the colors in your photo look just right. You can even use masks to change hues in only part of the picture. And don't worry—if you change your mind, you can undo it. Luminar Neo works with all kinds of photos, so you can adjust as much as you like to get the perfect look!

6. Match Colors with Your Photo's Theme

Think about what your photo is about, and pick colors that match. If you're going for an old-fashioned look, Gummy Pink and Mocha Brown can add a touch of the past. For nature photos, Moss Green and Desert Orange can make the natural world look even more beautiful.

By choosing the right colors and maybe changing them a bit with tools like Luminar Neo, you can make your photos stand out and tell a stronger story.

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ConclusionColor Palette Trends: 5 Best Matching Pinterest Color Sets | Skylum Blog(10)

And there you have it, a sneak peek into the vibrant world of Pinterest's color palette for 2024! From the soft whispers of Gummy Pink to the energetic burst of Desert Orange, these shades are set to bring new life to your photography projects!

As we've explored today, integrating these color sets into your work is a way to connect with your viewers on a deeper level. Whether you're adjusting the mood with Luminar Neo or choosing the perfect time of day to capture Moss Green in its truest form, each decision plays a crucial role in the story you're telling!

For those hungry for more insights into trends and photography tips, don't miss our post on WGSN color trends 2024. It's packed with information that complements what we've discussed here, offering you a broader perspective on how colors can shape the future of photography!

So, grab your camera, let these colors inspire your next project, and see where the world of 2024's trends can take you. Happy shooting!

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