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Remove White Backgrounds
To Get Clean, Crisp Images

Are you looking to effortlessly remove the white background from a photo? You can do this primarily to isolate the subject or object in the picture from its background, and get creative with the result

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How To Achieve Image Transformation With White Background Removal?

Removing and replacing the background with transparency allows you to overlay the subject onto different backgrounds or use it in various design projects without a visible background. Try it out!

Why Luminar Neo’s White Background Remover Stands Out?

Luminar Neo is an AI powered image editor, which means that it can automate routine tasks.

Remove the white background in just a click with Luminar Neo’s powerful Background Removal AI Extension that detects the subject in a photo and automatically masks it up.

Enhance Your Product Photos By Removing A White Background

Get rid of a white background easily and enhance your photos:


Place the subject on a new background of your choice. Create composite images, digital art, or product photography with new context.


Create collages or montages. First you may need to extract various elements from different images and place them together without their original backgrounds.

Visual Impact

Sometimes, white backgrounds can appear dull or unattractive. Removing the background can enhance the overall aesthetics of the image.

Say Goodbye To Distracting Backgrounds With White Background Remover

Unlock the power to effortlessly remove white backgrounds and focus on what truly matters in your photos with Luminar Neo’s designated tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove a white background with Luminar Neo?

Deleting a white background with Luminar Neo is easy. Simply use the AI-powered Background Removal AI Extension or the Portrait Background Removal AI tool, if you are working with a portrait. These tools automatically detect and mask up the subject in your photo and easily remove it with the power of AI.

Can I reverse deleting a white background?

Luminar Neo
has an Undo feature that lets you easily reverse your changes. 

What are the limitations of removing a white background from an image?

If you want to remove a white background from PNG, keep in mind that it has some limitations and challenges. For example, if the subject is intricate or contains fine details like hair or fur, achieving a precise selection can be more challenging. If the subject was originally photographed with specific lighting and shadows that interacted with the white background, removing the background may disrupt the integrity of the lighting and shadowing, making the subject look out of place in a new background.

Does the photo get smaller or look different when we remove the white background?

When you erase a white background, it doesn't inherently change the size or appearance of the image, but subsequent actions you take, such as resizing, altering the aspect ratio, or applying edits, can lead to changes in how the image looks and behaves.