10 Best Free Photo Collage Apps for iPhone & Android

October 30

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A collage is a great way to creatively serve up a series of photos or videos at once. You need a photo program with all the simple tools. It is about such editors that our article will talk about.

Often these are simple photo editors, which in addition to all equipped with the function of creating collages. That is, they can combine several images into one. Some can do this automatically. Finding a good pic collage app among the great variety can be quite difficult. That is, literally with the click of a button, you can combine several pictures into a group, using a nice scheme of arrangement of frames. Some of the best apps for collages can customize every aspect, including the size of each shot and its exact location. Some editors offer more artistic and creative collage options altogether. But they all serve the same purpose. The difference is in the details and trivia.

Tips for choosing

There are many apps to put pictures together on your phone with which you can create amazing collages. Almost any editor is suitable for this task, including Luminar Neo. But not all programs specialize in collages. 

We will only discuss those applications that make the process of combining photos as simple as possible, aimed at an audience that doesn't know how to work with professional tools and arrange photos in a way that is comfortable for them. If you don't know how to make a collage on iPhone for free or want to find a simple and intuitive application for Android, this article is for you.

When choosing, pay attention to the convenience, friendliness of the interface and set of functions. Isn't the description of the application enough for you? Test the free version to make your final decision!

What image editors can I use to make beautiful photo collages?

There are many apps that work equally well on all smartphones. Let's take a look at the most popular.

1. Adobe Spark

It's a rare case where Adobe offers a free yet adequate working app. Surprisingly, it is one of the best apps for creating collages. It's the best picture collage app for creating simple image selections as well as more intricate posters with text, etc. All in all, quite a functional thing with a great set of features.

At the same time, the rich functionality and the seemingly complex interface have almost no effect on the threshold of entry. Any user can master Spark. And do it quickly. You will be able to share your creation incredibly easily. Collages and posters made in Spark can be synced across devices via Creative Cloud. In general, Adobe Spark is a multifunctional service for creating web pages, video stories, and graphics for social networks. For what tasks is it used:

  • designing and publishing text, graphics, and video content in high resolution to the Internet;

  • retouching or restoration of photo images;

  • creating collages and graphic compositions from several images;

  • making graphics for social networks, flyers, infographics, announcements, and any other layouts;

  • creation of illustrations in various techniques and styles: sketches, photorealistic, concept art, and photo images with artistic retouching;

  • create and publish web pages or web stories of any type containing text, stickers, graphics, slideshows, and video content;

  • creating video stories, animated slideshows, video presentations, training materials, and other types of projects.

Adobe Spark is available in browsers and on mobile devices. The set of tools in the composition of this free side-by-side photo app allows you to easily create and publish graphic layouts, web pages, and video stories. After choosing the design option, you should adjust the size of the arrangement. Add the necessary images and graphic elements, include text and design it with expressive fonts, apply a different color palette and effects and publish the project to the web or export it to PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats.

2. Ribbet

A very good option for your smartphone with an intellectually stimulating set of diverse features. It is the best photo collage app with a user-friendly interface that is a pleasure to work with. All thanks to the logical use of the interface space and the correct placement of elements on the screen. Ribbet is easy to get used to and start making beautiful collages after the first run.

Ribbet is available in two versions: for Android and iOS. This photo editor works the same on all smartphones. Both can resize images, round corners, adjust color and lighting in photos, etc. Many of the features are carried over to Ribbet from classic photo editors. The program is free, but there is a Premium version with a subscription. It gives access to additional features and options for photo editing.

3. Canva

This is one of the best free photo collage apps. More precisely, a set of instruments for working with images, presentations, collages, online postcards, and other visual elements. Among other tools in the app and on the Canva website, there are gorgeous templates for quickly assembling beautiful collages. This opens up an incredible amount of space for your creativity. The program can be easily used by both beginners and professionals in the field of photography. From ordinary photo assemblies to unusual solutions with text or specific frame arrangements.

A basic set is available to everyone for free. But there's Canva Pro, which gives access to all the existing features, filters, and effect sets at once. Choose between the regular or professional version. You can use the app with a monthly subscription. Many people don't want to pay extra for the editor, but it's worth it because it's one of the best collections of templates on the entire internet. Canva is in demand among large design corporations for a reason. So, we think that Canva is the best free collage app for iPhone or Android if you don't want to deal with a lot of complicated tools.

4. Be Funky

It has everything you need by default. Do you think 8 pictures is a lot or a little? If we're talking about a collage, it's enough! You can change their location in slots in any convenient way, and change the format of the collage on your computer with your own hands, without relying on pre-made templates and without acting within the limits of the sizes provided by the creators of the application.

This is the best free picture collage app for your phone. Let me immediately clarify that there are paid features, but the set of free features is so impressive that not everyone wants to pay the developers any money. For paid services, you have to pay those who need the ability to download collages in HD resolution or use them for commercial purposes (that is, to make money from them online).

5. Instagram Layout

A utility for creating collages on a mobile device from the makers of the famous social network about photos. To say that Instagram Layout differs from its competitors, of course, is impossible. There aren't any incredible features that fundamentally change the collage creation experience.

But this program, unlike all its competitors, is a free pic collage app for Android or iOS. All the features are unrestricted of charge. And for many, that's what matters most. You don't have to look at ads, you don't have to face limitations in functionality, etc.

A simple utility for creating vertical collages, horizontal collages, and grid collages. With quite flexible settings and no unnecessary elements. Many celebrity photographers choose it!

6. Diptic

This is a pretty interesting and the best photo collage app for iPhone. It works not only with photos but also with videos. Diptic has a lot of templates. Some of them are divided into categories. There are more classic options, there are animated templates, and there are more unique and modern solutions that are in vogue right now.

You can customize not only the arrangement of details in the collage but also the individual characteristics of each element. Also, you can conveniently change the aspect ratio. For example, the quality of each clip in the set. You can also create your collages here to come up with some unique style that you won't use anywhere else, but that you can reuse in the future. 

There are two drawbacks: First, Diptic is a paid application. Second, Diptic is only available within the Apple platform. There are no apps for Android and other operating systems. Note that this program is incredibly easy to use.

7. Moldiv

Collages are usually used to organize frames beautifully. They are used to make postcards, advertisements, magazine covers, or any other graphic materials that require a special design.

Special mention should be made of the huge set of stickers and filters available for purchase within the application. Moldiv is one of the best free collage apps and it has an interesting feature. Even before you load images into a collage, the program organizes your media library by applying various effects, frames, and templates available in the utility. You can see at a glance how familiar images can be transformed by running them through the Moldiv toolbox.

Moldiv also has everything you need for classic retouching and a range of editing tools. You can crop them, make them cleaner, add bright colors and colors, use brushes for smoothing the skin, etc. 

8. Pics Art

PicsArt is a photo editor for creating collages with a significant social media bias. PicsArt itself includes a strong social aspect. It has a kind of feed where other users post their work. Collages, beautifully processed pictures, and other materials. You can use them in the course of creating your work. Make it easy and enjoyable.

PicsArt has many other photo editing tools in addition to the collage feature. For example, brushes for painting, background images, HDR filters, effects powered by artificial intelligence, etc. However, many filters, effects, and stickers are distributed in the program for a fee. That's why we can say that PicsArt is one of the best picture collage apps for Android or iOS if you are more social media oriented.

9. Photo Grid

As soon as you start, this program welcomes you with your photo collection and offers to select a series of photos to create a collage (called a grid here). You need to select all the photos you like, and the program will take care of the rest.

But that's not all. It comes with a lot of modules and this is a free collage app for iPhone. From classic collage options to Snapchat-style masks. You can fine-tune your unique photo editing style and be as creative as you want. The program is free. Most of the necessary features are available to all users. Do you want to post a picture on social media? You will immediately see that it has a watermark on it, which will prevent it from looking perfect. But that's okay: you can always buy a paid version, where there will be no such inconveniences.

10. Pic Stitch

With this free app, you can quickly combine photos and videos into collages. And you can set any aspect ratio to the resulting work and completely change the audio accompaniment (by muting the sound from the video by default). A nice bonus is that you can use the key processing tools without problems (this means they are free). You can crop a photo, add text, apply a filter, put a sticker on top of it, draw something on it, and stuff like that. This is one of the good free collage apps for iPhone or Android

It can be a pleasant surprise with a built-in tutorial that explains how to use the application and what its features are worth paying attention to. To turn off ads and get access to additional features you can buy Pro.

A small conclusion

If you want to find the best collage app for Android or iOS, there are a few simple rules to follow when choosing. Not willing to pay for an extra set of tools? Ideally, in addition to creating collages by connecting a large number of photos, there are retouching and editing functions. Choose the most versatile program with an intuitive user interface.

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