Follow successful photo blogs to get daily inspiration. Today, we will discuss the most popular photo blogs in the United States, which are useful and inspiring. So, join in!

If you ask 100 people to name the best photo blog in their opinion, most of the answers will be different, but there will be those who will name the same blog as their favorite. So why are some blogs more popular than others? The answer lies in the content's quality, the author's or creator's personality, and the interaction with the audience. Photoblog websites can be completely different in terms of topic and presentation. Considering your taste and values, you choose which of them you feel good and which are the best.

We have prepared a unique selection of the most popular photo blog websites in the USA so that you get to know their creators and the variety of their works, draw inspiration, and start creating your masterpieces! In this article, you will get acquainted with the top 10 resources that attract both professionals and amateurs of photography through various platforms. You will also learn how to create professional images using the Luminar Neo photo editor so that your photos inspire others. In the end, a pleasant bonus awaits you. 

So get comfortable, and let's get started!

Who to Follow in 2024: 10 Blogs

1. Dave MorrowThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(2)

Experienced wildlife and landscape photographer Dave Morrow created this blog to share his life lessons, best practices he's learned over 12 years in this field, his experiments, and useful tips for beginners. It promotes continuous learning, experimentation, improvement, and the generation of new ideas. By sharing his experience, he has become a source of inspiration and imitation for many people.

Dave Morrow actively writes useful articles for his blog, shares the results of his work and photos, and has conversational podcasts and a YouTube channel.  In his videos, the photographer provides information and practical advice on the photography process, camera settings, composition, and photo editing simply and interestingly. On his website, everyone can find information in a convenient format and get access to unique tutorials, videos, or articles.

2. Jason TealeThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(3)

This blog is owned by an experienced photographer living in Ulsan, South Korea. In his pictures, he captures and conveys the vivid culture of Korea. His stunning landscapes, depictions of night city scenes, and cinematic images captivate many viewers, including professional colleagues and novices. His visual storytelling resonates with audiences worldwide and is a source of inspiration for many.

In addition to publishing an extensive portfolio, he maintains a blog where articles provide detailed tips for creating similar images. This resource will be useful if you are interested in landscape photography, cityscapes, and creating cinematic animations.

3. Mark DenneyThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(4)

Another popular blog about landscape photography. Photographer and blogger Mark Denney talks about his experience, shares information about the cameras and equipment he uses, tells the secrets of photo editing of his photos, and helps beginners improve their skills. On the site, you can find all the information you are interested in, as well as links to the YouTube channel with educational and informative videos, the author's Instagram, and his unique course for young photographers.

In the manner of a good friend, the author instills in his readers a love for landscape photography and tells about his meditative approach to shooting. Suppose you are a fan of photography and dream of turning this passion into your life's work. In that case, we advise you to visit this blog and discover the author's experience as he shares his life story and knowledge sincerely.

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4. Susan StriplingThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(5)

It is one of the best blogs about wedding photography. It contains many exquisite pictures and ideas for your inspiration. The blog discusses different types of wedding photography, their features, secret places for atmospheric photo sessions, shooting accessories and portraits, and how to take good shots under different lighting conditions.

Susan Stripling is a successful wedding photographer in New York. She shares her secrets to gentle photoshoots and resources for wedding photographers. If you want to develop in this field, you can learn to capture the most important moments during the ceremony, the first dance, or a special photo shoot from this blog. After all, you should always be ready to catch and convey real and sincere emotions. Read how to be photogenic. It will help you work with shy lovers or their guests to bring out their beauty and confidence.

5. Andy MumfordThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(6)

It is another one of the best blogs for photos of landscapes. It is filled with amazing pictures of nature and its textures. You will find your share of inspiration in it. Andy Mumford, the blog's author, shares his works and experiences and conducts workshops for interested photographers. It is a unique opportunity for beginners to go on a trip to the picturesque places of our planet with a professional photographer, learn his techniques and secrets in practice, and go through the entire workflow from camera setup to photo processing.

Andy Mumford also creates informative videos that will be useful for your studies. In addition, you can purchase e-books that will be useful for improving your landscape photography. This blog is a good starting point for exploring the basics of landscape photography. In addition to advice on the equipment the blog's author uses, we recommend you research the article on the Best Camera for Sports Photography to choose the most convenient option.

6. Humans of New York The Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(7)

It is a cool project that collects stories of people from the streets of New York and from traveling around the world. Live and non-staged images complement mini-interviews with thousands of people. Brandon Stanton created this photo project in 2010 to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers on the street and develop a comprehensive catalog of the city's residents. The blog currently has over twenty million followers on social media. It provides a global audience with daily glimpses into the lives of strangers on the streets of New York and beyond.

In addition to interesting stories, you can find inspiration for spontaneous street portraits, learn how to interact with different people, and tell stories through a lens. The project has pages on various social networks, so you can conveniently join its audience.

7. IgnantThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(8)

This very aesthetic online magazine can also be called the best photo blog. It combines different forms of art. The synergy of design, architecture, and photography can inspire you. In the publication, you will find photographs of various modern professional photographers and interesting, informative information about them. Get inspired by the aesthetics of each image and create your own.

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8. The Little Plantation The Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(9)

Bright and useful food photography blog. You can expand your opportunities to flourish as a food photographer, get inspired, find ideas, and learn how to make an income from what you love. Kimberly Espinel, the blog's author, is a well-known London-based editorial and commercial food photographer and food photography teacher. She tells the secrets of creating a mini studio at home, shares beautiful and tasty recipes, and offers a mentoring program for beginners. It is truly the best photo blog for food photographers who want to grow in this field and expand their creativity.

9. PetaPixelThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(10)

It is an interesting and informative resource that publishes news from the world of photography. As an educational online magazine, it has meaningful and useful articles arranged in categories such as Reviews, Guides, Learn, Glossary, Podcast, and Newsletters. So you can always find the information you need there and familiarize yourself with the latest developments in the field. Suppose you want to develop as a photographer and build your blog. In that case, the current information from this resource will allow you to always be on the topic of the latest news and deepen your knowledge of the subtleties of photography.

10. Cambridge in Colour The Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(11)

It is a resource about the basics of photography. If you are new to the field or want to improve your skills, this website is a must-have in your daily blog selection. Here, you will find practical tips for image editing, creative ideas for your experiments and practice, elementary and advanced settings of various cameras, secrets of the right use of equipment and accessories, and much more. Information is presented in the most simple and accessible form. You can also access a unique introduction to photography guides and photography tools like Sunrise & Sunset Calculator, Depth of Field Calculator, Focal Length Calculator, Photo Mosaic Calculator, Field of View & 360° Panorama Requirements, and much more.

You will also find tutorials on concepts and terminology, using camera equipment, editing and post-processing, color management and printing, and photo techniques and styles there. A nice bonus is the local forum, where you can communicate with like-minded people worldwide, gain experience from professional photographers, or give your own advice to beginners.

A Little Bonus for Skylum Blog ReadersThe Ultimate List Of 10 Best Photography Blogs In The USA I Skylum | Skylum Blog(12)

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The best blog for photos is the one that inspires you. Regardless of your preferences and trends in photography, you can find the authors and photographers you want to follow. It's cool to follow photography bloggers because they inspire us for our work and useful knowledge through the prism of their experiences. 

So, in addition to exploring our selection, look for your favorites and use their content to develop yourself as a photographer or creator. Share a selection of your favorite photo bloggers in the comments, and let us know whether you follow anyone from our list.

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