Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors [2021]

January 03

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With AI photo editing software you can enhance photos in a few clicks, thanks to the help of AI photo enhancement. We have created a list of Top 5 Artificial Intelligence photo editors.

The world is beautiful. There are so many things, places and people that deserve to stay in our thoughts and memories forever. Sure, we can photograph all sources of pleasure and inspiration. But we want our pictures to look smooth and sharp. We want to share and exhibit them. We need a good photo editor that will help us get perfect images. 

It is not enough to be intuitive, clear and functional for a program to be a good program. Nowadays software should be automatic, it should do the job for the user. It should give the freedom from spending time on confusions with curves, layers, white balance, and other manual customs. 

We have created a list of Top 5 Artificial Intelligence photo editors which can do all the editing work for you and make your pictures beautiful in a few clicks. 

1. Luminar AI

Have you ever tried to retouch a portrait? To remove all those wrinkles, pimples and spots, to make skin color smooth and clear? You can spend 2-4 hours work with brushes, masks, filters, and patches in Photoshop. 

Luminar solves this problem with AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer. 

AI Skin Enhancer does removing unwanted blemishes, such as acne, from a subject’s face while leaving intact desired attributes like freckles, texture, and hair. It also detects faces on a group and environmental photos and lets to edit them without masking. 

Another smart filter, AI Structure, adds clarity rather than overall sharpness, preserving the natural colors and texture from overburning. 

Last but not least, Sunrays adds realistic-looking beams of light for dramatically improving outdoor images 

Luminar AI will please you with an intuitive interface. Tools are sorted by Essentials, Creative, Portrait, and Professional categories and mounted into a panel along the right side so they’re easy to find.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors [2021] Image1

2. Photolemur 3

Photolemur 3 is a one-click photo editor that promises to remove the boring parts in processing pictures. The program offers something like advanced filter technology. You can import an image and Photolemur will fix the exposure, temperature, white balance, shadows and tones. There are few features for smart editing available

  • Perfect exposure. Set a good-balanced exposure under any light, get great tone, detail, and color.
  • Automatic skin and face enhancement. Remove the skin imperfections within the seconds. Make the skin smooth, teeth - white.
  • Enhanced eyes. To create an expressive portrait, Photlemur can slightly enlarge the eyes and enhance their sharpness.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors [2021] Image2

3. Aurora HDR

Did you ever use HDR filters in photo editing? This tool gives better options work with contrast, exposure, white/dark and saturation to get more sharp, detailed and high-res pictures. 

Aurora HDR is based on Quantum HDR Engine technology, which combines bracketed photos in one picture, reducing burned colors, loss of contrast, and noise, as well as mitigates unnatural lighting caused by halos and unstable deghosting. Quantum HDR Engine meticulously analyzes the photos and intelligently merges them. Not only does it minimize the major issues that other HDR merging tools have, but it also generates stunning results, producing images that are dynamic, yet natural-looking.

With Aurora HDR you can make your pictures hyperrealistic, like on advertisement for interior design, architecture, and cosmetics. And the main thing that all the results of your work will look natural. It is time to forget about oversaturated pics which looks like dozen of pictures have been applied.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors [2021] Image3

4. Topaz Labs

Topaz Studio is a simple semi-automatic photo editor with a Free version available. Hard to say, can the photo editing be more hassle-free than with Topaz Studio. All the process looks as follows: 

1. Importing pictures 

2. Choosing the right Look (it is similar to Lightroom presets)

3. Moving a slider and changing customs. 

Sharpen AI technology in Topaz Studio includes multiple processing modes, such as Sharpen, Stabilize, and Focus.

You can remove the sharpness from the areas where it’s not needed, and tone it down in others. Remove the sharpness from the clouds if you want them to be a bit blurry and soft. Remove the sharpness from the peaks in the background and add it up for the peaks that are in front. Like this, you can get a nice progression, with the sharpest things close to you, losing the sharpness the further away you look.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors [2021] Image4


Very simple and portable AI Photo Editor. Free but available only for iPhone, is constructed like a set of presets and filters for processing pictures. The program is completed with a pack of trendy styles like HDR or Neon. You can work in different Modes to achieve different goals like Beauty for Fashion and Fine Art photography - it will fix a problem skin, make a picture clear and soft. can add a make-up effect to your photographs or a magic effect which will make your model looks like the Mermaid or Indigo. 

It is a good program for fast and simple photo-editing. If you need some smooth pictures for Instagram and don’t have time to work with PC editors, install on your phone. Maybe the final result’s quality won't be perfect, but it’s gonna be fast and simple for sure. 

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors [2021] Image5

AI Photo Editors when time is on the first place 

Pro Photographer can edit one picture in Photoshop’s Manual Mode in 5-10 minutes. Includes basic retouching, work with layers, curves, tones, light, and shadow. 

Mid-level users will need 15-30 minutes to get the same result. 

You can edit pictures in 1-3 minutes with Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors. These programs free you from routine and confusion with customs in manual photo editors.

Use Aurora HDR for free for 14 days.

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