Use Photos Extensions for a Powerful Editor on Your Mac 

Use Photos Extensions for a Powerful Editor on Your Mac  | Skylum Blog
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With Luminar Flex, you get access to the most advanced photo editing tools: a robust RAW develop tool, AI-powered filters, one-click Looks, and much more!

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Add the Aurora HDR plugin to Photos to access its many features designed especially for tackling HDR images.

Use the Photolemur plugin for Photos to make use of Artificial Intelligence engine that analyzes and fixes photos all by itself.

Luminar Flex

The most advanced photo editing plugin for Mac.

One of the best things about Photos extensions is that they let you do even more with an app you already love.

Luminar Flex is a feature-rich extension for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Apple Photos. Whether you need a powerful RAW converter or are looking to replace a background using layers and blend modes, Luminar Flex has you covered.

This plugin adds loads of functionality to Apple’s built-in image editor, including advanced color correction, one-click Looks, and professional retouching tools.

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Aurora HDR '19

Your images — amplified, vivid, captivating.

Speaking of additional functionality, Aurora HDR is one of those Photos extensions that opens a completely new dimension within the app.

Aurora HDR is a highly advanced and excellently reviewed HDR editor that’s known for its great results and the ability to render images quickly. It comes packed with features for creating and editing HDR photos, from quick presets to manual controls that make it easy to give your images a unique look.

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Great photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Few Photos extensions can hold a candle to Photolemur when it comes to automatic image processing and enhancement.

Photolemur analyzes images, identifies their weaknesses, and makes adjustments all by itself thanks to its powerful and advanced algorithms. If you’re looking for a Photos extension that lets you edit quickly and effortlessly, then this is the one to go for.

No photo editing experience? No problem


BeFunky is an extension for Mac users who want to make people’s faces look better in their photos. It comes with adjustment tools such as Skin Smoothing and Teeth Whiten, which edit certain aspects of a portrait to make them look more appealing. These effects can be applied manually to areas of your choosing, or you can use the Auto Fix tool if you don’t feel like doing the work.

Affinity Photo

Extensions like Affinity Photo are the reason why Photos has so much potential to grow. Affinity Photo is a complete photo editor in and of itself, and its plugin for Photos adds useful tools like dodge & burn, red eye removal, patching, and cloning. With this plugin, you can use your Photos app to do just about all your editing.


Photos extensions that let you distort images are a dime a dozen, but there are also a few Photos extensions that take such effects to an advanced level. Pixelmator is one of them. It comes with its Bump, Distort, Pinch, Twirl, and Warp effects, all of which can be added to your images with brushes to give them a completely different look.

DxO OpticsPro

This is one of the many Photos extensions that focus on editing RAW image files within Photos. While Photos is compatible with RAW files by default, it doesn’t contain too many options to edit them. That’s where the DxO OpticsPro comes in. It allows users to adjust the white balance and exposure of their images automatically. All you have to do with this photo enhancing extension is click a button and it takes care of the rest.

External Editors

Apple Photos extensions like External Editors are helpful for those who like to jump between editors on their Mac. The goal of this plugin is simple. It allows you to edit any image that you have in your Photos library in any other photo editor that you have on your computer. This makes steps like converting a RAW file to JPEG with your favorite RAW converter before editing it further in Photos very easy.

ON1 Photo RAW

Last but not least on our list of Photos extensions is ON1 Photo RAW. This Photos extension is for those who take RAW photography seriously. ON1 is a capable and well-known RAW editor, and its ability to be used as an extension to Photos adds to its capabilities. However, you’ll have to buy the full version of the software to be able to use it with Photos.

Mac Photos extensions are a great way to add to the overall capabilities of Photos. There are a large number of Photos extensions for Mac systems that you can find online, but these are some of the best Photos extensions if you don’t want to start using a standalone third-party image editor. If you do need more control over your images, consider using a more advanced image editor altogether.

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