Improve the clarity and focus of your image.

The Sharpening Filter helps focus softer edges in a photo to increase clarity or focus. Use this tool to improve image quality, but keep in mind that too much sharpening can give your photo a grainy look. Note that on most screens sharpening results are best seen at a 100% Zoom level or greater.

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Serge Ramelli



Filter controls


Adjusts the amount of sharpness applied to the image.


Adjusts the distance away from contrast edges that the effect is applied. A lower number relates to more micro-sharpness.


The dynamic masking feature allows you to reveal details only in appropriate areas and helps refine the sharpness in your image.

Serge Ramelli

Pro Photographer

Serge Ramelli is a landscape and urban photographer with pictures and books sold all over the world. He hosts a YouTube Channel with over 400,000 subscribers making it the number one channel on Lightroom worldwide. He enjoys teaching and helping people take better photos. He also loves to play as an actor and directing movies.

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