December 12 2022

Welcome Magic Light AI: a new artistic approach for sparkling lights in your photos

Luminar Artists will now be able to add a magical atmosphere in their photos by controlling light sources with Magic Light AI, the last Extension of the 2022 Extensions pack.

NEW YORK, NY – December 12, 2022 — Skylum is about to release the seventh Luminar Neo Extension of 2022, Magic LightAI, on December 15. Just in time for the holidays, this unique tool allows photographers to adjust light sources in their photos by adding shining, glowing beams of light for a magic touch.

“For this winter holidays, we’re releasing the Magic Light AI Extension for Luminar Neo. It’s simply perfect for photos of fairy lights and Christmas trees. You can easily get eye-catching fairytale images that embody the holiday spirit. And by combining Magic Light AI with the Noiseless AI and Supersharp AI tools for night photos, you can achieve enchanting lighting and high-quality pictures.” — Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum

Illuminate with the power of AI

The Extension allows photographers to adjust the shiny, glowing beams of light to bring in a bit of magical mood. The new Magic LightAI Extension allows creators to manipulate multiple light sources in a photo. It works best with artificial light sources such as traditional light bulbs, street lights, decorative lights, and fairy lights that are especially abundant during the holiday season.

The neural network in the core of the Magic LightAI Extension analyzes the photo, looks for any points emitting light, and gives the creator the power to make this light more intense, add beams, and add glow. On top of that, multiple sliders allow even more control over the end result such as Intenisty, Size, Number of Beam and Beam width, Brightness, Glow, Clearness and Rotation.

Improve any photo with a bit of Magic Light

Magic LightAI is perfect for holiday photos, as enhancing the look of small decorative lights can bring a festive mood to any scene. When applied correctly, this tool adds a magical glow, making the whole image more enchanting. It’s also great for after-hours street photography, as it can help create visual accents with street lamps in the night city, and it even works for indoor photos with light bulbs (incandescent or Edison-style LED are the best). On top of that, Magic LightAI is a useful tool for adding drama to photos of cars, bikes, and other transport by adding beams of light to headlights and reflectors.

2022 Extensions Pack yields impressive results

Skylum is committed to transforming Luminar Neo into an even more powerful one-stop editing platform, and that means working hard to improve existing Extensions and adding more Extensions in the future. And to make the Neo experience even better, Extensions can now be bought separately. Creators can customize their editing experience by choosing the Extensions that best suit their photography needs.

The six already released Extensions in the 2022 Extensions Pack are:

●      HDR Merge, which helps you easily create HDR images from up to 10 photos

●      Noiseless AI, which reduces noise in grainy photos

●      Upscale AI, which upscales a photo up to 6x while retaining quality

●      Background Removal AI, which allows you to remove the background behind the main subject of your photo in a click

●      Focus Stacking, which allows you to combine up to 100 photos taken at different focal lengths to deliver a crisp result with an even depth of field

●      Supersharp AI, which helps sharpen the details in a photo and create fantastic, vivid images

Secure the best price

All Luminar Neo Extensions, including Magic LightAI, can be accessed as part of a monthly or yearly Luminar Neo Pro subscription, purchased as part of the 2022 Extensions Pack, or bought separately for those who already own a Luminar Neo lifetime license. Pro monthly and yearly subscriptions are available now and include access to Luminar Neo and all currently available Extensions as well as all Extensions released during the subscription period.

Through December 15, enjoy a special offer on Magic LightAI. You can find all the latest pricing information on the Skylum website.


Find out the current pricing for Luminar Neo here. Magic LightAI works only as an Extension within Luminar Neo.

●      Luminar Neo is available in both the Microsoft Store and the macOS App Store.

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Skylum is a global imaging technology company focused on creating tools that make it easier to get things done. Luminar Neo brings you photos just as you imagined them with advanced AI-based technologies that still allow the artist complete control over the final result. Skylum has won the Red Dot Award, Apple’s Best of Year, Best Imaging Software by TIPA and EISA, as well as several other top industry awards. To learn more about Skylum, visit

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Welcome Magic Light AI: a new artistic approach for sparkling lights in your photos

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