How to Make a Picture Black and White

January 09

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Learn how to easily make a picture black and white with Luminar through its filters and presets.

One of the conveniences of digital photography is being able to capture images in color, then if you wish, convert them to black and white pictures. Luminar adds further creativity to this process through its extensive use of filters and presets.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image1

When you first open the color image in Luminar, switch to the B&W Workspace as shown in Figure 1. This provides you with the basic tools to create black and white photos. Turn on the histogram and check the tones in the image. If the photo needs some adjustment, do that using the Exposure/Contrast filter.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image2

Now turn your attention to the B&W Conversion filter. Click on the Advanced button to reveal its sliders. You can try the different color swatches beneath the Advanced button to preview different formulas. Then fine tune your choice with the sliders in the filter to get the effect you want. Also you can crete layer mask to create color splash effect on specific parts of the photo.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image3

Add the finishing touches to your photo using the Clarity, Structure, Sharpening, and Grain sliders. These help bring out the textures that are so important in a monochrome image.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image4

Check your work using the before and after curtain to compare the original to the modified photo. If you're satisfied with the black and white photo, go to File > Save to save your working file. This allows you to return to the project for further fine tuning, with all of your settings in place.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image5

As for the image itself, you can use the Export command to send a Jpeg, Tiff, or other file format image to your computer's desktop for sharing with others.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image6

Another approach is to tap the excellent black and white presets included with Luminar. You can enable those using the Presets button in the upper right corner of the application. There are a variety of monochrome options included with the application. And you can download more or create your own presets.

To enable a black and white preset, click on its thumbnail and your image will transform to the new look. The advantage of this approach is that you can compare a variety of black and white conversions quickly. Once you've settled on one that goes the direction your want, then you can fine tune it using the sliders in the Filters panel.

Press the F key to inspect your black and white image in full screen mode. This provides a closer look at the details without any distracting user interface elements.

How to Make a Picture Black and White Image7

If you want to add additional filters to help you achieve the black and white look you want for your photo, then click on the + icon in the upper right corner of the Filters panel to reveal the full complement of Luminar adjustments.

Don't be hesitant to experiment and be creative with your black and white images. Luminar is a non-destructive image editor that allows you to return to any stage of the photo editing process. Simply click on the History icon in the top toolbar to review all of the adjustments you've made to that point, the go back anywhere in time.

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