3 Videos that show the beauty
and powers of the new Aurora HDR 2017

Jim Nix from Nomadic Pursuits is a heavy Aurora HDR user since day one. For the launch of Aurora HDR 2017, we've asked Jim to make a set of video tutorials that will clearly explain all the benefits of the new software. Jim has already produced 15 videos like that, and more are coming. 

Today, we will reveal the 3 videos that cover the presets of Aurora HDR 2017, new user interface and show the quick workflow in the new software. Take a look and, if you haven't yet, pre-order your copy of Aurora HDR 2017. Only few days left.

Video 1. Learn the new interface.

Video 2. Check out the new set of presets.

Video 3. Quickly turn your photo into a masterpiece.

These and more videos will be available in the Tutorial sections after the launch of Aurora HDR 2017. You'll be amazed with how much you can do with this software. We will even show you some tips and tricks that are not related to HDR photography. 

Stay tuned. And don't forget to reserve your copy of Aurora HDR 2017

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