Want to know how useful the new Apple Vision Pro is for photographers? Then stay with us because today, in our blog, we will talk about new technologies for the photo processing process.

As technology has rapidly improved over the past few decades, the photography industry has also improved. There is competition among photo editing software, so companies release new tools, features, and plugins to increase the capabilities of their products. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) have recently entered the IT industry. And they also affect photography. Companies are now trying to improve the AI in their products and make them compatible with Apple's Vision Pro, a very popular VR device these days. Today, we have AI in image generation, not only. The world has already seen AI in cameras and photo editing, and shortly, AI will enter even more into the photography industry.

In this article, you will learn about photo editors compatible with Apple Vision Pro and how this new technology can change the conception of photo editing.

Advanced yet easy-to-use photo editor

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Evolution of Photo Editing Software

Photo Editors For Apple Vision Pro: When Technology Reaches New Levels | Skylum Blog(2)Photo editing software entered the industry by providing basic tools like cropping and brightness adjustments. Later, the photography and painting industry was revolutionized by introducing layers and filters. The introduction of digital photography further spurred innovation, with software developers racing to create tools that could precisely manipulate digital images. Multiple editing tools and features were entering the market. However, the idea of non-destructive editing was a huge improvement. Non-destructive editing enables users to edit the images without destroying the original image. 

With the improvement of smartphones, the era of mobile photography was born. Photo editing apps offer powerful features in a user-friendly interface. From Instagram filters to advanced editing tools like Snapseed. Photography and photo editing became easier for casual photographers. Photo editing software like Luminar offers AI editing features. It helps casual photographers to edit photos like professionals. 

We recommend reading our article on the Future of Photography with AI to discover all the aspects of the new game-changed technology in photo editing.

Transform Your Images with Apple Vision Pro


Introducing Apple Vision Pro

Photo Editors For Apple Vision Pro: When Technology Reaches New Levels | Skylum Blog(3)Apple Vision Pro is a VR headset product of Apple Inc. It uses a special Operating System called Vision OS. First, it was released in the US market on February 2, 2024. Apple calls it a new era of spatial computing. It blends digital content with the physical world. It traces your eye and hand movement to navigate. You can connect your Mac and Apple Vision Pro using the Mac Virtual Display. You can transform your Mac display into a huge display. It helps you do tasks more comfortably, like watching videos, surfing the internet, or any other activity. This way, editing photos could also appear in a new way.

Imagine that you do not need a huge screen anymore. You can now work with images in any place. Moreover, you can see every detail of the image in the size you want. Working in public places gives you full confidence, as no one else can see your screen. 

How to Edit Photos with Apple Vision Pro 

There are two ways that you can edit images using Apple Vision Pro. 

One of them is to use photo editing software with a Vision OS version. A very popular software of this type is Adobe Lightroom. You can easily install and use it with your Apple Vision Pro. 

Another way is to install your preferred photo editing software on your Mac computer and use Apple Vision Pro as a display. This way, you can edit your photos better because your bigger, high-resolution display helps you edit your pictures in more detail. You can try AI Image Editor Luminar Neo, which has powerful AI-powered tools that give you professional results with just a few clicks.

Photo Editors For Apple Vision Pro

Photo Editors For Apple Vision Pro: When Technology Reaches New Levels | Skylum Blog(4)We will discuss two types of photo editing softwares for Apple Vision Pro. One type of this photo editing softwares is native photo editing software for Apple Vision Pro, which can be installed directly on Apple Vision Pro. Another type requires installing photo editor software on a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone and connecting the device with Apple Vision Pro.

1. Luminar for Mobile

Luminar Neo is a revolution in photo editing software. It suits photographers of all skill levels, and its AI features will benefit any project. Luminar works powerfully on MacBooks and has an efficient iPad and iPhone version. The portability of the mobile devices, combined with the app's intuitive and tactile functionality, makes for seamless and enjoyable editing at your fingertips, whether relaxing at home or out on an adventure. Edit anytime, anywhere. Easily enhance your photos with just a few clicks and export your finest edits to your preferred social media platform. 

Luminar for Mobile has a simpler interface than the PC version, but it's also packed with powerful AI features to help you edit. You will also find many useful presets and automatic settings. The sound effects add a fun and playful dimension to the editing experience.

The pleasurable bonus is that you can use Apple Vision Pro as an additional screen for comfort and a new level of photo editing. You can easily work in Luminar with Apple Vision Pro, as it reproduces the interface of the iPad version and has gesture-adapted control. Cinematic color gradations and atmospheric effects enhance the experience through VR glasses. Working with the Cloning Tool is especially convenient. You can replace unwanted or damaged pixels with your chosen pixels and look at everything in detail. 

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    2. Adobe Photoshop 

    Adobe Photoshop is a popular photo editing program owned by Adobe. It is available on all devices and offers many features and tools for photographers. It can be called a professional photo editor because it often seems difficult for beginners. It also works with Apple Vision Pro, reproduces the tablet version interface, and has gesture-adapted process control schemes.

    Photoshop has advanced retouching and color correction tools that look especially attractive through VR glasses. Like Luminar, it has AI-driven features. Advanced tools like Adobe Camera Raw and 3D modeling have made Photoshop a leader in creativity and innovation. Adobe Photoshop is also compatible with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, making it easy to share files between applications.

    3. Adobe Lightroom 

    Adobe has developed a version of Lightroom for VisionOS. We can call it native Apple Vision Pro editing software. It has an easier interface; you can navigate using hand gestures. It shares many similarities with the iPad version of Lightroom. But it has fewer features than its desktop version. You can also install its desktop version on your Mac device and connect your device to Apple Vision Pro.

    Bottom Line

    Photo Editors For Apple Vision Pro: When Technology Reaches New Levels | Skylum Blog(5)Apple Vision Pro is not a must-buy for photographers because its functionality does not justify the high price. However, if you are a technology fan, involve this device in your workflow. It will be convenient to use on the road or during trips because Apple Vision Pro easily replaces high-quality big monitors you won't be able to take. However, the shape and weight of the glasses may be uncomfortable for some, so try them on at an Apple Store before making your final choice. This device will be useful also for working with video and 3D modeling.

    Apple Vision Pro is the beginning of the evolution of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It is an iPad that is mounted on the head. Its gesture control is intuitive, consistent, and easy to learn. You can easily work with your favorite photo editor through VR glasses. Shortly, we will see more convenient technology and even more features for photographers of all levels. Take advantage of new products on the market and always be one step ahead!

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    Photo Editors For Apple Vision Pro: When Technology Reaches New Levels | Skylum Blog(6)

    Advanced yet easy-to-use photo editor

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