Stay one step ahead by creating trending photos. Today, our blog will discuss Photo Trends in April 2024. Stay tuned to master each of them!

The world of photography is so dynamic that sometimes it is important to follow changes in moods and styles of popular trends. If you want to develop and master new photography directions, experiment, and look for unique styles, then you need to watch current trends in photography.

In this article, you will learn about the trends currently gaining popularity in April 2024 and how they differ from March Photo Trends. We will discuss each technique and give useful tips to professionals and industry newcomers. Join us to learn about new features that captivate your audience and unlock your creative potential.

Trend #1: Self-Portrait

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The oversaturation of perfect pictures is now pushing photographers and amateurs to create radically opposite images. To see the uniqueness and beauty of each person, you first need to look at yourself. Self-portrait is one of the new trends in photography. It started gaining popularity in March of this year and is still among the most interesting photo trends. It opens up the diversity of features and simplicity of the process and brings photographers to a closer level of relationship with their audience.

A self-portrait is a good way to tell the model's story and her environment. You don't just become a photographer. Now, you are both the director and the story's main character. If you put pictures on the stocks, then by taking self-portraits, you save time and resources for selecting models. In addition, you can create an image exactly as you imagine it.

However, it is easier to say than to make a quality self-portrait. If this style is new to you, practicing and feeling comfortable in front of the camera will take time. Experienced photographers know advantageous poses, but not everyone can recreate them naturally. Research, practice, and find your best angles.

With the help of creative compositions, lighting, and editing techniques, self-portraits are transformed into unique stories that allow the audience to touch your personality. Portrait Editing with Luminar Neo is an easy and perfect-results process. Even though you may be a really good and skilled photographer when creating an image of yourself, you will face many challenges that an AI-based tool will help you fix. Get the results you need to deliver a compelling message to your audience.

Trend #2: Environmental Photography

This relatively new trend is designed to reflect the essence of beauty, fragility, and resilience on our planet. As climate change and environmental conservation become increasingly pressing issues, many famous photographers have set the trend by creating images depicting the natural world's wonders and vulnerabilities. You can create landscapes or portraits of wildlife, Earth's diverse ecosystems, and the creatures that inhabit them. The main message that your photos should convey is to emphasize the impact of civilization on nature. Environmental pollution images raise viewers' awareness of climate change and the need to recycle waste.

Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(5) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(6) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(7) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(8)

Environmental photography seeks to inspire awe and appreciation for our planet's natural wonders while highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts. Create images that serve as powerful reminders of the relationship between humanity and the environment, encouraging viewers to take action to protect and preserve the Earth for future generations.

To enhance the impression of your pictures, use the power of Luminar Neo. For example, with the help of Wildlife Photography tools, you can improve images of animals by removing excess from the frame, enhancing sharpness, and emphasizing natural textures. Use the AI function Focus Stacking to highlight even the smallest details. Luminar Presets include Macro Worlds, Macro Forest, and Macro Marvels for the most tiny photography. 

Also, AI functions can be used to create creative compositions that harmoniously combine two images to convey the effect of human influence on nature and nature on humans.

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Trend #3: Outdoor Photography

Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(9) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(10) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(11) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(12)

Outdoor photography has become a dominant trend, reflecting a collective desire to reconnect with nature. With the rise of adventure seekers, ecotourism, and the wellness movement, this type of photography conveys a spirit of exploration and appreciation for natural landscapes. Social networks are filled with impressive photos of majestic mountain ranges, endless lakes, quiet forests, unique sunsets, and wild beaches. And such pictures never get boring and are always in demand. Striving to convey the impressive beauty and tranquility of untouched corners of nature, you enhance the majesty and uniqueness of our planet.

You don't need to go to extravagant places to join this trend. Get out into the fresh air, look around, find something that catches your eye, and take a picture! Shoot bright shades of nature, outdoor portraits, pets, wild animals, and insects. You can choose many ideas. Create depth in your photos by experimenting with foregrounds and blurred backgrounds.

Use this trend as an excuse to leave the house and spend more time outdoors. Grab your camera and go for a short walk around your neighborhood, trying to capture as many shots as possible of whatever catches your eye. With practice, you can create beautiful pictures of nature that meet the trends of the modern photo industry. Try the Best Luminar Filters for Nature Photography for quick editing of outdoor images. 

Add an accent using AI Sky Replacement or select Power of Nature. It is one of the most popular photo editing trends.

Trend #4: Bright Colours

Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(13) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(14) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(15) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(16)

Bright colors are another of the new trends in photography that will reveal your creativity and ingenuity. This one is also similar to the March trend on Vivid Colors. Search or create your own bold and attractive shades and dynamic compositions. Let your colors evoke emotion and captivate your audience. Use vibrant palettes to create eye-catching images, from stunning landscapes bathed in golden sunlight to vivid cityscapes pulsing with neon lights. Whether capturing a kaleidoscope of hues in a bustling marketplace or the radiant glow of a sunset sky, a vibrantly colored photograph adds a sense of energy and optimism to visual narratives.

One of the most popular photography areas within this trend is neon portraits. Take a photo of your model next to a neon sign. Or combine two popular trends and create a self-portrait in neon light. Luminar has a unique feature, Neon Glow, that will help you bring any neon ideas to life. It is also new among photo editing trends.

Look for complementary and duplicate colors in different subjects, and enhance their contrast during the photo editing stage to add more appeal to your image. Easily and qualitatively change the background color of a picture to convey your creative idea. With advances in digital editing tools and an emphasis on bold aesthetics across industries, this trend inspires photographers to push the boundaries of creativity and infuse their work with joyful bursts of color.

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Trend #5: Fashion and Nature

Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(17) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(18) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(19) Must-Know Photo Trends for  2024 | Skylum Blog(20)

Combining fashion and nature photography is an exciting trend celebrating the harmony between style and the natural world. In recent years, more and more fashion photographers have resorted to it. In addition, catwalk shows often focus on themes related to nature. This trend creates visually stunning images that resonate with viewers by combining high fashion aesthetics with the beauty of landscapes, flora, and fauna. Fashion shoots against the backdrop of breathtaking nature, whether a lush forest, a calm beach, or a mountain landscape, evoke a sense of escapism and connection with the environment.

When shooting, use elements such as flowing fabrics, intricate patterns, and organic textures to imbue your images with calm and elegance. Combine different textures at first glance, use natural props, and interact with the environment as much as possible. With an increased focus on sustainability and environmental awareness in the fashion industry, this trend highlights the importance of preserving and appreciating the beauty of the Earth while showcasing the creativity and versatility of fashion photography.

Get out of the studio and take your usual outdoor fashion portraits. Use artificial lighting when necessary, but make it a priority to emphasize the connection between people and nature. To process photos, use the functions we suggested in describing previous trends. Create unique images that will delight and be remembered.

Bottom Line

Current trends in photography are presented in different and unique directions, from self-portraits to the play of bright colors and fancy shooting in nature. While exploring each of the popular photo trends, we also observe new photo editing trends that enhance the visual impact of images.

You can unleash your creativity by trying new photography directions and creating exciting visual stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Let's continue exploring modern photography trends to stay one step ahead in this ever-evolving art form.

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