7 unique photo projects to tackle this summer

July 03

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Summertime means longer days, vacations, and lots of time for photo projects.

Summertime means longer days, vacations, and lots of time in the water (or in the sand). It is also a terrific time to start a photography project. Here are some ideas to try with your camera or smartphone during these awesome days of summer.

Choose a subject

If you’re a parent, you probably have found that most of your photos contain an image of your child. Nothing wrong with that, of course. This summer, think outside the box by choosing a different subject to snap. These could be things that represent the season such as flowers or plants, cars, streets or something more mundane like doors and windows. Whatever you choose, stick with it for 30 days, or the entire summer.7 unique photo projects to tackle this summer Image1Or take photos of the "Beetles", these cars never go out of style and look awesome anywhere.


Selfies are for everyone. Over time, self-portraits tell a story worth documenting. In your face, you can see happy and sad times, looks of worry, and even those of pride. Take 10 seconds a day and make a selfie, and then compare each photo in your collection. You might be surprised with what you see. 

ABC project

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. For any photographer, these can lead to 26 different projects. You can either concentrate on taking pictures of an actual letter (in magazines, billboards or books) or tackle objects that begin with the letter. Select a different letter each month.

7 unique photo projects to tackle this summer Image2"C" is for Crazy... or Crazy AWESOME

Slay your phobia

This project focuses on snapping photographs of things you don’t necessarily like. Do you have acrophobia? Go to the highest point in your town and start taking some pictures. Dislike spiders? Use a wide lens and slay your dions. 
7 unique photo projects to tackle this summer Image3Roof jumping maybe?

Choose a monthly subject

Each month in a year is known for things, big and small. Ice cream, for example, was made for summer, just as pumpkins represent the fall. Select a subject each month and start snapping.

While they were still sleeping

We only have one moon, but what a beautiful moon it is. Each night (or early morning) commit yourself to taking one photograph of the moon at night. Put together, these images could tell a magical story. Or simply go out and capture ipty streets in your neighborhood, sometimes they tell a bigger story than the crowded ones. 7 unique photo projects to tackle this summer Image4Getting up early is good for your photography... and for your health

"No topic" is also a topic

There are a lot of interesting things that are just... happening. So observe and capture. Why limit yourself by a certain topic? Simply take a photo a day, and make a sweet little collection of your summer miories. Because at the end of the day, the awesome moments that you don't forget matter the most.7 unique photo projects to tackle this summer Image5

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