Surprisingly, in 2024 the sage green color is trendy again, it is used in art and photography. If you want more inspiration and aesthetic ideas, read this motivational post to the end. Learn more about color aesthetic decor inspired by a touch of serene nature.

We write this article about the light green aesthetic so you can get more inspiration and start noticing this beautiful hue in the items around you. There is a riot of colors everywhere in nature, but the predominant one is still aesthetic green. It has very strong natural energy and gives us a lot of inspiration. This is a sign of youth, freshness, health, and fun. Like any other color, it has a wide variety of shades and depending on the tone, it has a different effect on a person.

Today we're going to explore sage green aesthetic pictures and see how these unique and chic shades can be used in templates and overlays to edit your photos. This cool and beautiful hue will not only give you a calm feeling but also change your images for the better, helping you to be more creative. Meet the sage green aesthetic review!

What is a Sage Green Aesthetic?

This color appeared in the 70s, but gradually everyone forgot about this vibe. However, it began to gain enormous popularity around 2020. The boom of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing avocados, leaves, and matcha drinks on green aesthetic pictures swept all social media. 

The mint green iPhone and other smartphones or devices in such soft shades have also become very popular. You may also check other high-quality examples of this style on Pinterest. Did all of these available sage green pictures inspire you? Change the wallpaper on your phone screen or use a sage green aesthetic background on your tablet and desktop computer. You can also find many templates to create your own HD wallpaper in Adobe Express.

Amazingly, the aesthetic green color can adapt through many sub-themes, used with bright pairs, and neutral hues (like brown). If you want to add new shades to your life, consider using free sage green aesthetic templates and overlays to edit your photos. Create your own aesthetic sage green pictures collection!

Sage Green Color Codes (Color Palette)

Now we will explain the basics. Sage green is a light and medium gray-green shade, combined with brown tones and covering the spectrum of light to medium soft green hues range. So, it's a wonderful color that can evoke thoughts of wandering in the desert west. 

This color is also named for its similarity to the hue of sage leaves. This plant will grow and even flower quickly in nature or in the garden. So, with a sage aesthetic, you'll immediately feel a connection to nature and want to use that hue in your art. 

When it comes to developing a new color aesthetic, this option is elegant in its simplicity – which explains why it has become a popular label for those who want to showcase their style with a new color.

The code of this shade is #B2AC88, and its RGB values are R: 178, G: 172, and B: 136. Particular shades that relate to the sage cluster include:

  • Meadow-Green (#AFC48E) is a medium-light shade with a soft green aesthetic.
  • Moss-Green (#8A9A5B) is a yellow-green tint that blends with light brown.
  • Olivine (#9AB973) is an earthy medium hue with pistachio undertones.

This muted tone is anything but ordinary. For instance, a popular but versatile Olivine can be used in a variety of compositions. On its own, this color is neutral enough to stand aside and be complemented by a vibrant color or pattern. On the other hand, paired with other neutral colors or plant elements, it can remain natural and create a calming effect.

Anyone can use these super tones in design, photos, and different projects. For example, in the photo editor, you can make a light sage green background for collages, profile photos, or any other image you want to change for a new look. Check the collection of sage green aesthetic templates in Adobe software and find the best option!

Adding a Sage Green Presets to Your Photo in Luminar Neo

Have you already been captivated by the aesthetic green pictures and found your favorite color? Now you can get the aesthetic look you want in minutes using Luminar Neo Presets and overlays.

Luminar Neo is a simple yet powerful photo editor from Skylum that will help you easily create light green aesthetic pictures. This alternative to Photoshop allows you to create incredible photos with presets and overlays that you can apply with a single click. These tools are a quick and effective way to give your photos a whole new look or fix other problems. 

The set of built-in presets is quite extensive, but it is always useful to have new and varied options. If you want to decorate your online profile and photo work in this style, the green and brown aesthetic is for you. Don't forget to visit the Luminar Neo Marketplace (shop) site for more inspiration with presets and overlays!


Maintain brand consistency with matching images on your signs and posts with this hue. Because aesthetic sage green promotes feelings of health and growth, this one is great for planners and diaries to help you feel at ease when sorting through tasks and deadlines. So, you can even print a mood board in this color. When it comes to framing a brand's profile, adopting a sage aesthetic conveys a sense of stylish sustainability to your customers and other sellers.

Now you know more about this unusual tone and can successfully apply it. So, this color evokes a sense of the natural world, which in turn is associated with peace and harmony.

To purchase and download more presets for your green aesthetic photos, please visit Skylum's Luminar Neo Marketplace.

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