The New Way to Watermark Your Photos

December 06

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Is the watermarking debate finally over? This is a game changer.

It’s been one of the longest-lived debates in the photography world. Should you watermark your photos? Or does watermarking destroy your work beyond redemption? 

First, let's recap each side of the debate by listing the Pros and Cons of watermarking… keep reading to get to know something that has completely changed the watermarking game. 

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The Pros of Watermarking

It’s Branding

Photography is a competitive world! Identifying yourself to potential buyers can be critical to your future success as a professional photographer. By adding a watermark to your photos, you’re building a profile for yourself and making it easier for viewers to search for your work. 


Whether your photography is your career, a hobby or just a passing interest, it belongs to YOU. A watermark can be your legal copyright, providing an element of protection from having your photographs stolen or republished. The only way someone can steal your work is if they crop the photo or use software to remove the watermark.

It Adds Value

If you’re an artist, your name is everything. Signing your name to your art signifies its value – not only to your portfolio, but to potential buyers. A Picasso painting is only worth millions when it’s signed by Picasso!

Why Wouldn’t You Use a Watermark?

With the benefits of watermarking are a bunch of negatives. 

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The Cons of Watermarking

Watermarks Are Ugly

The thought of sticking an unsightly logo on the front of your beautiful photograph might horrify you. The last thing any photographer wants is to detract attention from the subject of their photo, which is exactly what a generic computer generated watermark does that seem to have killed the watermarking practice over the years.

It’s Not 100%

Watermarking isn’t failproof, but it’s at least the most you can do to keep your photos from spreading without your credit on them. 

It Ruins The Photo

A watermark that’s too big, too bold or just downright awkward can really mess things up. You want the viewer to admire your skill in capturing that stunning waterfall; you don’t want to draw their eye to the fat bold, ugly logo in the corner. Of course, not the case with all watermarks.

So where does that leave you? Do you forgot the watermark and risk your work getting out their uncredited? Or do you plonk that big ugly logo on the front? 

Neither. Because there’s another way to sign your work. A truly beautiful way, thanks to this new awesome company called Photologo, who found a way to offer incredibly affordable custom made watermarks that help to protect your images, build a brand and most importantly, brand authentically and beautifully. 

Ever wondered why those pros always had a really cool signature style watermark?

The Pros found out a way to digitally sign their photographs years ago and they’ve been using it ever since. But they keep it to themselves.


They know how good a real signature looks on a photograph. They know how it can bring your branding standard to sky-high levels, only resulting in attracting even more customers.

It turns out that these professionals were paying $200 to $500 for their customised signatures, and that’s because, that’s what it took to get their pro watermark, designed beautifully by a local calligrapher (shhh, it was never their real signature, but a beautiful piece of signature art created by calligraphy artists).

That’s a hefty sum for anyone in business – especially for an artist. And for the amateur photographer, the hobbyist or even the semi-pro, it’s way out of range. 

But it’s the thing that divided the Photography crowd on whether to watermark, while everyone seems to be either for or against watermarking it, only the Pros seemed to know how to truly watermark without damaging their photos.

The New Way to Watermark Your Photos Image3

Then, Along Came Photologo. Photologo creator Jacob Grozotis saw how the professionals were signing their photos, and he got thinking. Why should a simple signature cost so much? 

Calling on his graphic design background, Jacob got to work. Many months and drafts later, Photologo was born. 

The New Way to Watermark Your Photos Image4

What is Photologo?

Photologo is the personalised signature watermark that sorts the average from the amazing. It’s a professional signature that’s original but classy. Natural but elegant. 

Signing your photos with a Photologo signature is subtle, yet powerful. It’s the watermark sits on your photo so elegantly, without ruining your image.  A polishing touch to the photo, not a distraction.  

The New Way to Watermark Your Photos Image5

The reason so many amateur photographers end up downloading a free, generic watermark from the internet is that photography ain’t cheap. After the camera, lens kit, software and all the rest, there’s no way you can afford a customised watermark as well. Right? 


Photologo has changed all that. Now you can have a gorgeous, handmade by a professional calligraphy artist digital signature just like the top professionals use – for $39.99. Get an extra 10% OFF with the coupon code MACPHUN.

The New Way to Watermark Your Photos Image6

Perhaps this is the end of one of the biggest debates. Watermarking is back, and it’s better and more affordable than ever. If you’re an artist, your name is everything. Digitally signing your name to your art signifies its value – not only to your portfolio, but to your livelihood. The work of a passionate photographer is your craft. Whether you’ve been taking photos for years or mere weeks, you have a right to share it with the world in a way makes it stand out from the crowd. 

The New Way to Watermark Your Photos Image7

Forget ugly, awkward logos that dominate your art, and never settle for putting your photos out there without your mark. Grab your camera and get out there, because you’re about to start signing your photos a whole new way. The digital way. 

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