There are many reasons to edit a photo. To tell a story. To engage others. To capture a vision. Editing takes time … often a lot of it. As a result, pictures sit untouched on cameras or hard drives.

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new way to edit photos — LuminarAI.

Preorder today and receive both early bird pricing and a unique opportunity to interact with other LuminarAI users and Skylum staff. You’ll learn all about the new tools, along with some tips and tricks to get you going.

But before we dive into the exciting features and concepts of LuminarAI, we want to take a pause and talk about WHY.

Traditional photo editing software is so … outdated

Most photography software is based on old technology. Current digital tools were made to emulate the way photos were made in a darkroom. The language is hard to learn; there are a ton of steps and things you “must” do to get a great image.

Let’s face it — most photo editors are pretty boring. You do the same thing over and over, relying on technology that’s at least 25 years old.

Make a selection. Move a slider. Click a button. Scroll. Repeat.

While taking and sharing photos is fun and rewarding, editing is often tedious and slow.

Are you REALLY having fun?

Do you enjoy editing photos? We don’t mean the results you get; we mean sitting in front of the computer for hours. Traditional photo editors consume so much time.

But thanks to artificial intelligence, you can get the right balance of contrast and tone with one slider. One of our most popular artificial intelligence tools — AccentAI — is fantastic at getting the perfect exposure. It can adjust the person in your photo differently than the background. All without the need for selections, layers or masks.

Luminar AI - Revolutionary Photo Editor is coming soon [Preorder it Now!] | Skylum Blog(2)
Luminar AI - Revolutionary Photo Editor is coming soon [Preorder it Now!] | Skylum Blog(3)

Sitting in front of a computer is the last thing you should be doing. It’s your life. Use artificial intelligence and the new Luminar AI to get your time back.

Traditions must be reinvented

Skylum Team has been making AI tools for creatives for years. In fact, Luminar has won several awards through the years for best application or best plug-in from many top photography organizations. Heck, Apple even picked one of our applications (Aurora HDR) as The App of the Year.

But we weren’t thinking big enough.

When you look at the number of people who take and use photographs to communicate and tell stories, it’s amazing. When you look at how many people stop there and never develop their photos or unlock their potential, it’s pretty sad.

Our goal is to start a revolution in photo editing. Why spend energy, time and effort on learning traditional software tools? There’s a better way to get things done.

At Skylum, Artificial Intelligence is not a catchphrase

From the first moment you open an image, LuminarAI goes to work, featuring a built-in assistant that analyzes your image locally. In an instant, LuminarAI suggests the best styles.

We call this approach Templates and it changes everything. Templates are built with input from top photographers and photo retouchers. 

  • These suggestions can be applied with one click and used as-is.
  • You’re free to adjust the strength with a single slider to refine the look. 
  • Want to go custom? Just click over to the Edit module and you’ll find a wealth of tools that let you customize your image fully.
  • Easily bulk process your images using Templates. Artificial intelligence applies selective edits, taking into account the subjects of your images.

AI recommends useful ways to edit your photo or give it a creative look. These starting points solve one of the biggest problems — opening an image, staring at it for five minutes and trying to decide what to do.

What else can AI do?

Traditional photo editors are all about the process — they don’t care about your time. LuminarAI is a result-oriented tool. It cares to help you get the best image as quickly as possible. As a result you can focus on how your images look, not how to properly apply a mask. 

And while traditional photo editors typically require a lot of training, with LuminarAI, you can get going right away. It provides instantly satisfying results that can be further customized quickly.

Utilizing 3D depth mapping on your images create from the 2D photo, you can add realistic atmospheric effects, add drama and bring out details realistically. You can elevate portraits and achieve perfect skin tones, enhance eyes and slim or add volume.

And no matter what type of image you’re working with, you can get professional finishing with less hassle, allowing you to bring out more detail and texture. Get the perfect crop, or control the focus of your background with ease.

Are you ready for the future?

LuminarAI will truly change your world. Your photos will look amazing, with artificial intelligence taking care of the tedious and mundane tasks leaving you free to create and have fun.

If you use pictures to communicate and tell a story, LuminarAI is a perfect match. AI can solve the problems that every photo faces. If change sounds a little scary, consider this.

  • While LuminarAI gives you editing superpowers, you’re still the hero. Your vision guides the tools and you make all the important decisions to get an image you love.
  • LuminarAI works with other photo editing tools as a plug-in or extension if you are looking to make a large change in productivity but a smaller change in workflow.
  • With LuminarAI, you can create great-looking photos much faster. It’s perfect for creators of any skill level.

Better photos. Every time. In no time.

LuminarAI is designed for every type of photographer — everyday people and professionals alike. If you rely on pictures to communicate your message, it’s perfect for you, too. LuminarAI will speed up your photo editing process and help you attain the results you’re looking for.

A great image is just a starting point. It’s how you communicate your ideas, values and personal brand; it’s the way to promote your products and services. A great image will help your success — but it shouldn’t take hours and days to make those images happen.

The bottom line is this.

Luminar AI - Revolutionary Photo Editor is coming soon [Preorder it Now!] | Skylum Blog(4)

LuminarAI is unlike any other photo editor you’ve ever seen. 
And it does one thing that no other tool can … it gives you back time. 

What you get when you preorder LuminarAI

Order today and get access to the LuminarAI Insiders community, where we’ll share tips and tricks to get you started with LuminarAI before it even ships. You’ll also get to experience LuminarAI before anyone else!

And did we mention the discount? Early birds get preorder pricing of just $69. And if you have a previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR, you can take an additional $10 off with a loyalty discount.

Preorder LuminarAI now!

Have questions? Visit our FAQ.

Luminar AI - Revolutionary Photo Editor is coming soon [Preorder it Now!] | Skylum Blog(5)

Luminar AI - Revolutionary Photo Editor is coming soon [Preorder it Now!] | Skylum Blog(6)

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Luminar AI - Revolutionary Photo Editor is coming soon [Preorder it Now!] | Skylum Blog(8)

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