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LuminarAI is a photo editor that leverages artificial intelligence to help you achieve results you love. No more hassle with tutorials and repetitive tasks.

Begin with Templates

Try different styles and play with moods. LuminarAI is content-aware and will recommend Templates to match your image. Use them as it is, or fine-tune its adjustments to your liking. The results are stunning yet easily achieved.

  • Image is analyzed

  • Templates are suggested

  • Apply to series

  • Achieve unified style

Open any photo and go to the Templates tab. The AI engine analyzes your photo and suggests the perfect Templates for it. Choose among the suggested Templates. Apply a Template to a series of photos from your trip. In a click. Enjoy a unified style for all your travel photos.

Work with skin

LuminarAI identifies all facial features — no masking or manual manipulation required. Clean blemishes, remove dark circles, smooth skin, or make lips more prominent with a simple set of sliders.

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Replace the sky

Change the mood of your photo dramatically with SkyAI. Replace the sky in one click, using a sky from the built-in collection or by uploading your own. You have full control over the lighting, horizon position, atmospheric haze, and more.

Highlight the eyes

Make the flare and color of eyes more striking or change the eye color completely using automated tools. Bring back depth with a few sliders.

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