How to Become a Travel Photographer

January 01

5 min. to read

Travelling can be twice as fun if it helps you earn money - and that's what travel photographers do.

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Travel photography is captivating. Almost all of us love to travel and enjoy what nature has to offer, and when we do it, we love capturing those moments with a camera. Many people have turned this into a full fledged career as travel photography is highly in demand.

These photos are used by travel agencies and other such organizations for several purposes, which is why there is a growing need for travel photographers.

If you cherish traveling and you like taking pictures, then you can bring home the bacon by turning into a travel photographer. Travel photography is a niche of photography that includes traveling and making a documentary of landscapes, people, exotic spots, traditions and societies.

So how can you become a travel photographer? Here’s your complete guide:

First Learn Photography

The first step is to learn photography. You need to be a photographer before you can be a travel photographer.

You need to understand the basics of photography that include:

  • How to handle a camera
  • How to use light and objects etc.

Travel photography can be fun, and is a lot about lighting. For example, if you’re clicking a mountain, you need to be sure the sun is shining in the right direction so that the vision is clear.

All this you can learn before you become a professional.

Assist a Professional

The next step is to join hands with a professional travel photographer and see how they handle business.

There are many travel photographers out there, you need to find one who is looking for an assistant and be willing to go the extra mile to learn this art. This would allow you to travel and see things from the eye of a professional. There is no training like on-job training.

Cover Tourist Sites in Your Country

The best way to figure out how to swim is to jump into the swimming pool and learn it yourself. You cannot learn it without experiencing it. In this way, if you need to become a travel photographer, then you need to begin taking pictures of spots, people, events, and different occasions/locations.

You can begin with tourist sites in your country. They say discipline and practice bring about promising results and what better way of practicing than this? You can only gain experience if you practice it a lot.

Pick The Right Camera

Professional photographers utilize huge, complex cameras; but if you're a beginner, traveling with an expensive camera might not be a good choice.

Select a camera that has a good sensor because bigger sensors tend to create better quality pictures. Speaking of better quality pictures, it is also important to edit them appropriately. Luminar is an exclusive all in one editing software which packs a powerful punch and is accessible just for $69. Contrary to the popular belief, travel photos you see are edited and it is perfectly okay to do so.