How To Edit Photos On Mac

Editing a picture breathes a new life into it. Even the best of the photographers prefer to digitally edit their clicks for better results.

Editing on a Mac isn’t rocket science. It’s very simple. We’ve explained how to edit photos on Mac step by step, below:

Transfer Pictures From Device To Mac

The very first thing you need to do is connect your device (camera, USB, phone etc.) to your Mac. This will bring up the built-in iPhoto software. Find and click the “Import” button to import all or selected pictures into your Mac. Once we get a hold of pictures in our Mac, we’re good to go to edit them in the next step.

P.S: Make sure to use this method to transfer your photos. Sending images via Bluetooth or other such methods may reduce their quality.

Edit Mode

Once pictures are transferred, you can open them in edit view by right clicking on the picture. This will pop up an edit window with a lot of functions to pick from and transform your picture.

Adjust Function

This is one of Mac’s strongest editing tools. It allows you to work on several aspects of an image. These include: 

  • Brightness : You can adjust a picture’s brightness here. The tool allows you to both increase and decrease brightness.
  • Contrast : Next we have the contrast option. Once brightness is set up, contrast can be set up and linked to brightness, making the picture provide a soothing experience to the viewer.
  • Saturation : Saturation makes the picture look more color intense or vice verse. However, remember that too much saturation may distort the image.
  • Temperature And Tint : Temperature and tint bars can give an artistic effect to the picture. Both these options are linked together. If one is absent in the picture, the other one takes care of it.
  • Sharpness : This feature intensifies pixels and and also works on contrast. However, it cannot correct a blurred out image.
  • Straighten : It is used to straighten your image if you’re not happy with the angle.
  • Exposure : This is an effective feature that turns the table for your dull looking picture. It helps in adjusting the light according to your needs. It focuses on highlights and shadows to provide your picture a realistic look.

When you’re finished making changes from the Adjust menu, close the palette.

Applying Effects

Next important thing which defines edited pictures are effects. Mac provides a diversity of effects to choose from such as Black and White, Antique, Boost color, Matte, Vignette etc.

You can spend some time and try out different effects to find the one you like the most. You may even use multiple effects for added visuals.

Best Editing Software For Mac

While the built-in Mac editing tool is good, professional photographers and those who need a real good job should turn to a third-party app.

When it comes to editing softwares for Mac, we always recommend Luminar. It is a powerful tool that takes editing a step above. It is an all-in-one photo editor exclusively available for Mac users designed by Skylum. You can get this software for just $69.


Get started with editing today, and remember to look at your pictures critically. Also, never over save pics unless you wish to lose the original.

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