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How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks

January 01

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Keeping your camera and equipment safe is one of the most important tasks for you if you're in the photography business. The camera bag is the solution to this difficult task.

How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image1The market is teeming with offers, and even an experienced photographer can face the problem of choosing a camera backpack. However, even if you have already dealt with this issue, you are faced with a new one. I am here to tell you how to organize a camera bag. Trust me, if you follow my advice, your camera equipment will always be safe and will last you for many years.

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Choosing the Right Type of Camera Bag

How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image2Before you pack and figure out with packing photo equipment or another manufacturer's backpack, you need to decide what exactly you buy it for. There are many options for how you can carry a camera and other necessary equipment. Choosing the right one is where it all starts, so let's take a look at the variations:

  • Pouches. This option is great if you want to walk around the streets to take some good photo shots. The advantage is that the bags are inexpensive, so buying them will definitely not hit your pocket. The downside is that it only holds one camera and a couple of lenses, which is not suitable if you want to go on a long trip. These pouches are also called fanny packs.
  • Holsters. Well, that too is an option that is optimal for street photography. If you want to pack your camera and a few lenses, a holster is great, but if you have more equipment, look at a bag or backpack. The plus side of a holster is that you have easy access to your equipment. Also, closed-down models allow you to protect it from bad weather.
  • Backpacks. This is the most convenient option if you have a lot of photography equipment. However, if you're asking "How to pack my photo bag", the answer is going to be the most difficult precisely because of the large space available. A large number of compartments allows you to fit not only your lens or camera but also your charger, memory card, other camera gear, and even toiletries. You just need to know about the camera bag setup, and then you can safely go on a trip.
  • Sling Bags. The standard backpack is worn on both shoulders, and this version can be described as a one-shoulder bag. It offers less space compared to its two-shoulder brother, but it is still enough to carry your camera and some gear for it. Some of the most popular model manufacturers are Caden, so if you choose one, you need to know how to organize camera gear in a bag from this manufacturer.
  • Shoulder Bags. Compared to backpacks, they are less safe because they do not have dividers and pads. You need to pack your camera bag carefully so that nothing breaks. However, these bags have an advantage (compared to holsters, of course). They can still hold quite a lot. When using them you don't need to know how to pack a camera bag for hiking trips, but for a countryside photo shooting trip, they are good enough.

Types of bags really are many, and you can find the right one for your taste and purse. Some beginner photographers think they can carry their equipment in their hands. I think it is worth it to spend a small amount of money on a camera bag to organize camera gear and be sure that expensive equipment will not be damaged during the trip.

Essential Gear to Pack in Your Camera Bag

How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image3Before you know how to pack a View camera bag or bag from another manufacturer, you need to figure out what equipment you need. This is a very important point on which your choice will depend.

Cameras and Lenses

Let's start with the camera. If you have one, then skip this point and just pack it. If you have two, here's my advice: take the main one, which you work with most often, and the additional one. You'll need it if the first one stops working.

As for lenses, don't take everything you have. Think about which ones you are going to use before you pack a camera bag. If you get it wrong, you'll have to carry a heavy bag with something you don't really need. Think about how to pack a DSLR camera bag and then estimate its weight.

Accessories and Extras

You may need other equipment as well. Let's take a look at the list:

  • Camera cleaning kit (lens pen, microfiber cloths, and rocket blower).
  • Waterproof case to protect the camera from rain or snow.
  • Memory cards (3 or more for short trips, 5+ for long trips).
  • Batteries (especially important for those who use mirrorless cameras).
  • Charger for long trips.
  • Flashes, if you plan to take photos at celebrations.
  • A laptop and photo editor for viewing and processing photos.
  • A tripod for nighttime stargazing photography (if you're wondering how to fit it in your bag, find a video on Samsung Gear S hacks).

Regardless of what equipment you use, you will need the best image editors. You can read about them in our article.

How to Organize Your Camera Bag

How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image4So, we've covered the choices and we've figured out what equipment you might need. Now it's time to get to the most interesting part, which is how to pack a camera bag! I'll give some basic tips to help you organize the space in the best way possible.

Remember that There Must be a Separate Pocket for Each Thing

If you want to take your camera and several lenses, do not put them in the same pocket, otherwise, there is a great risk of damage. With special dividers, you can easily make separate pockets. You don't want your equipment to get scratched, do you?

Take Care of More Padding

Before you figure out whether a camera bag is set up, check to see if it has enough padding. The fact is that you can simply drop it carelessly, and then the expensive equipment will get scratched or simply broken. It is better to take care of everything in advance.

Place the Lenses Face Up or to the Side

Imagine the situation: you dropped your bag or simply put it not too neatly. If the lenses are face down, they are more likely to get scratched or even broken. That is why the best way to carry them is facing up or sideways. Then you can avoid trouble.

Don't Take Too Much with You

Do you think that only a beginner can make this mistake? That's not true at all! Even an experienced photographer can easily take a lot of extra gear and then suffer from having to carry heavy weight. Before figuring out how to pack a bag, think about what you will definitely need and what you can do without, and then everything will go perfectly.

Make Sure That Each Camera and Lens Has a Protective Cap

I am talking about all possible covers namely lens caps, rear lens caps, and camera body caps. Without them, the risk of scratching valuable equipment is very high.

As for cameras, it is even worse to take camera bodies without a cover. You risk damaging the rear sensor. Just imagine how much it could cost to repair it! Of course, it's better to take care of everything beforehand.

Use Silica Gel Bags

Admit that you often shop with bags of silica gel in the boxes. Often you just put them aside. However, they will be very useful in how to pack a camera bag. Just take a few of these bags next to your camera, especially if you have to work in wet weather. Silica gel is great at absorbing water, so your equipment definitely won't fail because of it.

Take a look at these bag photography ideas to get an understanding of how things should look.

How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image5How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image6

Tips for Traveling with Your Camera Bag

How to Pack Your Camera Bag: Best Tips and Tricks Image7If you travel by train or car, it's very simple: you take your bag and suitcase with you. But what do you do if you're traveling by plane? That's what we'll talk about.

Carry-on vs. Checked Baggage

So, you already know how to pack your shot and go to all your equipment. I strongly recommend that you do not pack your camera bag in your luggage. The reason is that the risk of losing it is very high. If that happens, it will most likely come back to you in a couple of days. However, a couple of days for a photographer who is going to take pictures on a trip, a couple of days is a lot. Don't rule out the risk that your bag disappears for good and you lose your expensive equipment. So always carry it with you and don't lose sight of it.

Lithium-ion batteries are also better to take with you. The thing is, most airlines don't think they belong in the luggage compartment. If you put your batteries there, you risk losing them, because they will be confiscated by airport staff.

Securing Your Gear During Transit

If you have carefully read my advice on how to pack a day trip camera bag, your equipment should be safe during transport. The last piece of advice I will give is about your care. Don't let the bag out of your hands and make sure it doesn't fall over. Then everything will definitely go in the best way possible.


Transporting photo equipment is one of the most difficult things for newcomers. It requires maximum planning, otherwise, problems can arise. In time you will definitely learn how to pack your own bag, but in the meantime use my tips to make it easy!

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How Do You Organize a Camera Bag?

I recommend putting the heaviest equipment at the bottom and the lightest at the top. You should also use dividers to keep everything in its place.

How Do You Pack a Camera Bag for Travel?

The first thing to do is to make a plan of what you want to take with you and see if your bag suits you. Don't take more than you need, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to carry. Use my tips from the article to make the best of it.

Is Camera Bag Allowed on Flights?

Yes. I recommend that you take it with you in the cabin so that you don't lose or lose your valuable equipment.

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