Online event about the future of photography.

The first image editor fully powered by Artificial Intelligence.With LuminarAI, creating striking photos becomes surprisingly easy and fun

Get a front-row seat to see how human creativity combines with artificial intelligence.

Be the first to learn about cutting-edge photo editing processes.

Discover creativity tips from the world’s best photographers and digital artists.

Meet our speakers

We invite the world’s top photographers and digital artists to bring you the latest insights into the world of creative innovation. From photography trends to AI adoption, Luminar Live discussions are centered around the future of photography and insights on how to embrace this future.


Alex is the CEO of Skylum, family man, explorer of the world and Lego builder. With a team of 100+ amazing people, Alex is building Luminar AI - the next generation photo editor for communicators and creative professionals.


An internationally acclaimed travel photographer, writer, public speaker, and educator. Elia has visited more than 65 countries, flown nearly 2M miles, and collaborated with companies on nearly every continent.


Rich Harrington serves as the Chief Product Evangelist for Skylum. He has served as a hands-on creative professional for more than 25 years as a photographer, director, and video editor.


Victor Ha is the Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management at Fujifilm and is most passionate about the stories we can tell through the images we make.


Lucy Martin is a Photographer, Content Creator, and YouTuber. On her YouTube channel, Lucy shares photo editing tips & tutorials with over 100,000 subscribers.


Alastair Jolly is a Global Brand Manager & Head of Ambassador Relations at SmugMug and Flickr.

Amatullah Barrayn

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn is a documentary photographer working in the medium for 20 years. A frequent contributor to The New York Times, her work has also appeared in Le Monde, National Geographic, Vogue, Vanity Fair.


Peter Dering is the founder and ceo of Peak Design, and the co-founder of Climate Neutral.


Benjamin Jaworskyj is a professional German photographer with a passion for nature and landscapes.

Our hosts

T. Lambert

Pierre is a passionate photographer and filmmaker who travels the world capturing stories as they unfold in front of his eyes.


Juliana Broste, “TravelingJules,” is an 11x Heartland Emmy award winning Travel Filmmaker and Host. She never leaves home without pink lipstick and an armful of camera gear!

Event schedule

December 10, 2020

Start & Luminar CEO Welcome

10:00 AM

Skylum’s CEO welcomes you and shares a brief outline of his industry vision

Photography from the Future: Elia Locardi Keynote

10:05 AM

A keynote on the latest photography and photo editing trends from the top industry visionary. The rise of AI and how it redefines the role of a photographer

Easy workflow for breathtaking landscape photography

10:20 AM

Landscape photo editing - a sneak peek at Luminar’s newest AI features with a real-time showcase of how they take photo editing to the next level

Killer Portrait Editing Techniques

10:25 AM

Portrait photo editing - a sneak peek at Luminar’s newest AI features with a real-time showcase of how they take photo editing to the next level

Luminar AI Demo

10:30 AM

A front-row seat to a presentation of the state-of-the-art Skylum innovation - Luminar AI - which revolutionizes the photo editing process

Connection between photography and visual storytelling

10:50 AM

Top digital artists and photography luminaries join our panel discussion on how photography connects with storytelling, which techniques enhance the storytelling elements within a still image, and how emerging technology affects this close tie

Our partners

The first image editor fully powered by Artificial Intelligence.With LuminarAI, creating striking photos becomes surprisingly easy and fun

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