Luminar Cool Photo Effects

Far more than a simple photo editor, Luminar is jam-packed with unique filters and cool photo effects that can give your photos a “pop” and individual style you’ve been looking for. While all of Luminar’s tools can be used to create amazing effects, the ones listed below are some of the photo effects that make Luminar a must-have for any Mac photographer. Whether you’re using Luminar as a stand-alone editing app or as a plug-in for Photoshop or Lightroom, these nifty filters will add a whole new dimension to your photography.

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour recreates the effect of shooting the hour before sunset or after sunrise, gracefully adding a mixture of warm tones and slanted light to your photo.

Use it to add a bit more warmth or light to a golden hour photo that came out too dark or washed out, or add it to a dull midday shot and watch your photo transform! Controls include sliders for both the amount and saturation, allowing you full control of both the amount of warmth added and the overall color vibrancy.

Cool Photo Effects | Luminar
Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(2)

The Dramatic Effect

Looking to give your photo a gritty look? Or perhaps you’re looking to add a grunge effect to your city or railway shots? Click on “Dramatic,” play with the sliders and watch your image transform.

Perfect for stylized fashion shoots, street photography, or any other image with an “urban” flavor, the Dramatic Effect increases the contrast and lowers the saturation in a classic, cinematic style.

Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(3)
Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(4)

Sky Enhancer

This handy little tool is perfect for bringing out the detail in a photo’s clouds and sky, as well as reducing blown out highlights. The effect comes with top and bottom gradient controls for your photo, giving you complete creative control over both regions’ exposure, contrast, vibrance and warmth.

Want to give your photo an even more creative effect? Check out the orientation controls that allow you to change the orientation and shift.

Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(5)
Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(6)

Split Color Warmth

This cool little editing tool allows you to make some amazing variations in the warmth and coolness of the warm and cool tones in your photo.

With a separate slider for each, you can selectively control just exactly how your warm and cool tones present. You can even do crazy things like making the warm colors cold and vice versa.

Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(7)
Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(8)

Texture Overlay

A simple way to overlay and blend in any custom texture from an existing photo to the photo you’re working on.

Simply load in the texture you want to work with (from an existing photo) and then adjust the controls and blending mode to get the effect that looks right to you. Perfect for grungy or vintage looks, as well as for other creative photo effects.

Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(9)
Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(10)

The Orton Effect

One of the more exciting filters in Luminar, the Orton Effect creates a dreamy, surreal effect that can greatly enhance landscape photos and portraits alike. It adds a type of glow to your image, rendering the picture both blurry and sharp and sharp at the same time.

It’s a fairly complicated endeavor in Photoshop, but quite simple in Luminar – all you have to do is select the tool and adjust to your taste. Controls include a choice between two different types of Orton effect (increase in saturation or softer glow), as well as amount, softness, brightness, contrast and saturation.

Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(11)
Cool Photo Effects | Luminar(12)

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Golden hour filter

Golden hour is that famous window of time just before sunset or before sunrise. Luminar offers a ‘Golden Hour’ filter that can help you recreate this glowing effect!

Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Facebook cover photo co-authors an online first impression. With Luminar’s facebook cover crop ratio, and other editing tools, you can create one that fits perfectly.

Noise Reduction

Digital Noise is just not as attractive as that old-school film grain. This is why Luminar offers an easy-to-use and effective adjustable noise reduction tool.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
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