Crop Photo

Want to quickly crop your photo? Luminar for Mac brings the best tool to crop your images with ease. Take advantage of custom crop modes and pick the ratio you need to get necessary results fast. In addition to powerful crop tool, Luminar brings 300 more amazing tools to edit, enhance and fix your pictures.

Crop like a pro

The right crop of a photo is extremely important, as it makes sure you focus on the main subject on the image and remove all other distractions. Some photos look great with a square crop, other look better with a horizontal cropping.

The crop tools in Luminar was designed by professional photographers and is suitable for all kinds of your images. Simply click the crop tool icon, pick the crop mode you need and click apply. It is that simple.

Don’t just crop…
Enhance your photo

Luminar lets you go beyond a simple crop of an image. You can adjust the size, rotate your picture, set your own crop size and much more. In addition to that, Luminar brings over 300 essential image editing tools that allow you to transform a photo, remove unwanted objects, change the look and fix all kind of imperfections on your images.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...

The world’s first photo editor
that adapts to the way you edit photos

Luminar advantage

Luminar makes your photos more beautiful, vivid and sharp. It is the next generation photo software that is adapts to your skill level and photography style.

Photo Restoration

The days of looking up photo restoration in the yellow pages are over — now, with Luminar you can take photo restoration easily into your own hands.

Golden hour filter

Golden hour is that famous window of time just before sunset or before sunrise. Luminar offers a ‘Golden Hour’ filter that can help you recreate this glowing effect!

Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Facebook cover photo co-authors an online first impression. With Luminar’s facebook cover crop ratio, and other editing tools, you can create one that fits perfectly.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...

New AI tools in Luminar4and more...(4)