Split Color Warmth

Selectively enhance warm and cool tones.

In the same photo, explore the flexibility of bringing out the warm and cool colors. Drag the slider to the left to reduce Saturation and to the right to add Saturation. Split the colors and experiment with creative toning effects.

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Matt Suess



Filter controls

Warm Colors

Enhance warm colors by moving the slider to the right or to the left to desaturate them.

Cool Colors

Adjust for deeper blues to the left or desaturate them to the right.

Matt Suess

Pro Photographer


Matt Suess is a full-time professional fine art photographer & educator based in Bozeman, MT & Scottsdale, AZ. A career that has now spanned 27 years, Matt teaches field & classroom workshops as well as online video courses including his Mastering Luminar online course. You may have seen some of his live webinars with Skylum already. If not keep an eye out for more in 2017.

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