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Luminar 4 elevates photo editing to new heights. Revolutionary tools and AI technologies open breathtaking potential for your creativity.

Coming November 18.

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Take advantage of innovations exclusively found in Luminar.

© Dmitry Sytnik

AI Sky Replacement

Replace the sky to change the mood of your photo — instantly. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, this challenging task is now automated.

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AI Skin Enhancer
& Portrait Enhancer

Enhance your portraits faster than ever with revolutionary human-aware technology. You’ll get amazingly realistic results with portraits shot in a studio or outdoors.

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AI Structure

Quickly reveal important parts of each image without damaging the rest of the photo. This content-aware tool detects objects that could look richer and improves them.

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Create realistic light rays. Add a source of sunlight and move it around your image. Watch volumetric sunbeams magically seep between objects like trees and buildings.

© Ilya Nodia

AI Enhance

AI Accent makes dozens of complex adjustments when you move just one slider. New human-aware technology recognizes people and applies adjustments selectively for ultra-realistic results.

AI Sky Enhancer automatically finds the sky in your photo and lets you give it a more dramatic look in one simple move.

Apply AI Accent

Apply AI Sky Enhancer

© Ilya Nodia

Golden Hour

Bring warm sunlight to your photos. This content-aware tool works perfectly with landscapes and outdoor portraits, making people look warmer, with golden accents to their hair.

© Gaile Juknyte

Smart Contrast

Comparing to regular contrast, Smart Contrast is more careful and sophisticated. It preserves both colors and details for more realistic detailed photo.

Regular Contrast

Smart Contrast

Apply instant Looks

Immerse yourself in a variety of artistic expressions. Try more than 70 Looks handcrafted by recognized photo artists. Create and share your own unique Looks.

© Maryna Yurlovskaya
Immerse yourself in a variety of artistic expressions. Try more than 70 Looks handcrafted by recognized photo artists. Create and share your own unique Looks.

Boost creativity with Creative tools

© Ilya Nodia

Use it for a gritty cinematic look. Often used in stylized fashion shoots and grungy athletic portraits.

For an aged look with flat color and high contrast. Works great for both landscapes and portraits.

Creates a dreamy look with increased contrast and a delicate glow.

Remap the colors in an image for creative new options. LUTs can be used for color grading, B&W conversion, or digital film stocks.

Textures give your photos a new appearance. They’re especially great when you’re trying to achieve a vintage or grungy look.

Creates a lighting effect, especially around bright areas such as streetlights and sky.

Emulates the structure of analog film stock by introducing a random, stylized texture into your image.

Adds a strong softening or blurring effect to part of your photo, simulating fog.

Remove noise

Flawlessly remove digital noise from any type of photo. Get perfect images no matter the camera and shooting conditions.

© Ilya Nodia
Before After
© Ilya Nodia

Enhance details

Create more dramatic shots. Bring crystal-clear sharpness to your images. Enhance the sharpness of small, medium, and large details selectively.

Works as both a standalone or plug-in

Apple Photos®

Photoshop® Plugin


Photoshop® Elements

Lightroom® Plugin

Meet the future of photo editing

After years of development, we’re excited to introduce new technologies that will change the perception of what can be achieved with photo editing. Luminar 4 comes with a brand-new workflow rigorously tuned to meet photographers’ needs. You’ll also find innovative tools to easily tackle some of the most challenging and time-consuming editing tasks. This was made for you to enjoy every minute of your photography journey by making post-processing a breeze.

Dmitry Sytnik

Chief Product Officer of Luminar

Luminar 4

Your Photography.

An application and plugin for Mac & PC.

Coming November 18.

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