Are you looking for a light, portable, and powerful device for editing photos anywhere? Then, sit down more comfortably because today, in our blog, we will discuss choosing a tablet to become your reliable assistant.

In today's world, computers are becoming smaller and smaller while gaining more and more power. But simultaneously, the demand for portable and versatile photo editing devices continues to grow. Today's tablets are more powerful and faster when editing photos than many desktop computers were just a few years ago. And this improvement continues. Along with the evolution of tablets, users of various photo editors have received mobile versions of the software for use not only on a computer. A good tablet can be an excellent alternative to the best budget laptops for photo editing.

We invite you to go with us to search for the perfect tablet to become your reliable assistant in revealing your creative potential. Say goodbye to bulky desktops and enjoy the freedom and mobility of the best tablet for photographers.

Criteria for SelectionBest Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(2)

The ability to carry a tablet everywhere with you, the ease of using a pen or stylus, and the high quality of the screens ensure the unstoppable popularity of these devices. This little computer has great capabilities. It is a great choice if you work while travelling or present your portfolio to a client. There are several important factors to consider when choosing the best tablets for photography to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Processing Power

Tablets capable of smoothly and efficiently performing intensive photo editing tasks are equipped with high-performance processors such as quad-core or octa-core CPUs. In addition to a powerful processor, you'll need enough RAM to handle intensive photo editing tasks smoothly and efficiently.

Display Quality

Choose a tablet with a high-resolution display with excellent colour accuracy and wide viewing angles for accurate photo editing and viewing. Look for bright and realistic images for tablets with IPS or OLED screens.

Stylus Compatibility

Tablets that support stylus input provide greater precision and control when editing photos, making them ideal for detailed adjustments and retouching. Ensure your tablet is compatible with the stylus that suits your needs.


The tablet is portable, but different sizes are depending on the model. Usually, the larger the body, the more powerful it is. Look for one that strikes the right balance between performance and portability, allowing you to edit photos on the go without compromising on power and functionality. Consider the tablet's size, weight, and battery life to ensure it meets your on-the-go editing needs.

Software Сcompatibility

Before you buy, make sure the tablet you choose is compatible with your preferred photo editing software, whether it's Adobe Photoshop, Luminar Neo or others.


Determine your budget and balance it with the features and performance you need for your photo editing workflow.

Top Tablets for Photo EditingBest Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(3)

Some users prefer the iPad only because they already have all the devices from Apple, and it is the easiest solution. Someone will do the same with Android. Therefore, please consider the abovementioned criteria to make the most optimal choice. Each of the featured options offers outstanding features, excellent performance, and excellent value for money:

1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2022)Best Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(4)

According to its characteristics, it can safely be considered the best tablet for photo editing overall. Known for its powerful A-series chips, stunning Retina display with ProMotion technology and Apple Pencil compatibility, this device is a favourite among professional photographers. This model is also considered the best iPad for editing photos among the line of this brand. However, it may seem expensive for some users. Therefore, consider the iPad 10th Generation 10.9 inch and Apple iPad Air 10.9 inch (2022) as options. iPad mini (2021) would be the best small tablet for photo editing. They are less powerful but still enough for comfortable post-processing photos and working with large volumes of images.

IOS software supports almost all photo editors. You can easily work with Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop as efficiently as you did on a PC. In addition, you can familiarise yourself with the best photo editing app for iPad and choose a convenient editor that will give you the desired result from working on a tablet. 

The good news is that Luminar Neo has recently released a mobile version for the iPad. Now, fans of this powerful photo editor have a portable Luminar to embody their art. Thanks to the high-quality display of the iPad, it will be convenient for you to view the smallest elements of the photo. You will be able to see the work of AI functions in detail. For example, AI image stacking for working with Macro images and photo upscaler for upscaling a photo up to 6X and enhancing its resolution naturally will become even more convenient with the Apple Pencil. An improved world of photo editing on a portable device opens before you.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Plus 12.4-inch

Best Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(5)

The premium-class tablet from one of the world leaders of mobile devices is considered The best elite Android tablet for photo editing. It's priced within a few hundred dollars of Apple's flagship iPad Pro, so you'll get high quality as expected.

The stunning screen of the Galaxy Tab with a dynamic AMOLED display provides deep blacks and vivid colours with an HDR10+ rating. It is also an ideal option if, in addition to working with photos, you edit videos or play games because the refresh rate of 120 Hz gives the device an excellent speed. Samsung's S Pen is good for creative activities, and the optional keyboard has backlit keys and a trackpad for more laptop-like work. 

If you are a fan of Samsung but this tablet is a bit expensive for you, pay attention to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE. It is considered the best mid-priced Android photo editor based on its features. It's less powerful than the iPad, but it's good for light photo editing and has the flexibility of Android.

Thanks to the Android operating system, you can access the Google Play Store, where you will find almost all photo editing programs, including Photoshop and Lightroom. Unfortunately, Luminar Neo does not yet have an Android version, but we will be waiting for it shortly, together with the fans of this photo editor. So, if you are one of them, stay tuned.

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3. Microsoft Surface Pro 9Best Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(6)

This is the best Windows tablet for photo editing. It's ideal for those who need a full version of Photoshop or Lightroom on the go. All the desktop photo editing programs you know will work on it. You can work with Luminar Neo and all its tools on a portable device as efficiently as on a desktop computer.

This tablet successfully combines screen quality and performance with portability, providing a great base for photographers. An Intel Core i5 or i7 processor will give powerful work with images for up to 16 hours of battery life. Two Thunderbolt 4 ports will be handy for connecting to a camera and a memory card simultaneously. You will also get up to 1 TB of your device memory. The Surface Pen is also available here for precise editing. It is exactly the device that deserves the attention of photographers.

4. Lenovo Tablet P11 Pro Gen 2Best Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(7)

This device runs on the Android operating system and has all the advantages of working with popular photo editors. It can be called the best tablet for photo editing on a budget. First, he surprised potential customers with a plastic, not aluminium, body and then showed that the cheap material does not affect performance. Its OLED display is bright and clear. The power of 120 Hz and compatibility with Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and DCI-P3 have also become pleasant bonuses for fans of the fast operation of the device.

This tablet is compatible with the Lenovo Precision Pen 3, which, in turn, has good pressure sensitivity and low-latency operation. If you buy your Lenovo with a keyboard and cover, the Pen 3 is in a protective slide with a recess on the back. If you're on a budget and happy with the Android ecosystem, this device is worth your attention.

5. Google Pixel Tablet 11 Inch with StandBest Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(8)

This tablet is surprising in its appearance due to the round stand that functions as a speaker. But you and I are interested in its usefulness in working with images. It is worth your attention as it is on the list of the best tablets for photographers. First of all, Android is the "child" of Google. This device was developed for maximum compatibility with the operating system. It is very similar to Apple's scheme.

Pixel has the best Android performance and is the first to get early updates. The LCD screen is bright and sharp and performs well despite only having a 60Hz refresh rate. It has no problems with processing speed.

Regarding photo editing apps, you won't find Luminar Neo or Affinity Photo for Android. But in return, you have access to tons of software, including industry-leading Photoshop and Lightroom. And Pixel's Tensor G2 SoC will handle most of your tasks.

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Bottom LineBest Tablet For Editing Photos: Ultimate List | Skylum Blog(9)

Choosing the best tablet for photo editing can dramatically improve your photography workflow, offering portability, versatility, and powerful editing capabilities that rival traditional desktop setups by considering factors such as performance, display quality, stylus compatibility, and software support. Our selection of the best tablets for photography has options for different tastes and budgets. Choosing a portable assistant will be easy for you. Choose with your mind and heart and get the freedom and flexibility of photo editing with the best tablets available today.

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