Looking for things to do with kids on Easter? Arrange a fun and colorful photo session for your children at home to create a day filled with laughter, love, and precious memories. Today on our blog, we will discuss infant Easter photo ideas. So join in!

With its flowering and holidays, spring is the perfect time to create touching photo sessions with your child. Photographing restless children is difficult and fun at the same time. But how can you make this process easier and even more fun for children and yourself? 

In this article, we will look at creative Easter baby photo ideas that will convey the joy and magic of the season. From cute bunnies to colorful egg hunts, we'll find inspiration to capture unforgettable moments with your child. Planning an at-home Easter photoshoot? This guide has everything you need to make this Easter special and memorable for you and your child.

Main Attributes You Need

SceneryBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(2)

Before we go to cute Easter picture ideas, look at the main things you need for the photoshoot. The first thing that reveals the theme of any photo session is the appropriate decorations. Depending on your idea, choose decorations or even make them yourself. You can also involve children in creating props and decorations. It will be an extra time of fun for the family. Easter is a holiday of spring and bright Resurrection. Convey this atmosphere with fresh flowers or use decorative ones. There is no such thing as a lot of green regarding spring moods. Add colored eggs, bright candies, and fragrant Easter buns with colorful decorations. Your children will love interacting with these items. Choose shades for your photo session. After all, the colors do not necessarily have to be mega-bright. You can organize everything in pastel colors by choosing stylish monochrome decorations. Explore DIY backdrop ideas for photography to create your own Easter atmosphere.


Think of a style for your little models. Even a home photo session can be made stylish and attractive. Make sure that the colors of the clothes contrast with the background and props. You can use a complementary color combination scheme or duplicate colors. For example, pink flowers and a pink dress for a girl, or pink Easter eggs. If you have several children in the frame, it would be great if their clothing styles were similar. All this and the decorations will create a harmonious and complete picture.


Your models will be children. They are often cranky, restless, too active, or, on the contrary, it isn't easy to make contact. Your number 1 task is to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You may need more time to get the little brawlers to work. But it will be worth it. Get warm, invite your models to play with the props, and bribe them with sweets. It almost always works! If you encounter a reluctance of the little one to cooperate, be patient and give the children a little more time to adapt.

PosingBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(3)

The younger your models are, the more difficult it is to agree with them on at least some posing. But it is natural. You don't need to demand anything extraordinary from your children. Let them be themselves and have fun. Photograph their true emotions. Ask them to interact with each other and occasionally look at the camera (you may need a toy to attract the attention of babies or very young models).

Family Involvement

Even if you and I are talking about a children's photo session, the whole family's participation only strengthens the effect of a family celebration. You can set the camera to auto-start or use the remote start button. Before that, adjust the camera and fix it on the tripod. Voila, now you can safely participate in children's fun. Remember only to press the button to take pictures.

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8 Toddler Easter Photoshoot IdeasBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(4)

Depending on the age of the children, your imagination, and your capabilities, there are many ideas for Easter photo sessions. If your model is a baby, catch 6 month baby photoshoot ideas at home. Based on the tips, you can create Easter-themed compositions. Next, we will hint at 8 non-trivial infant easter photo ideas that you can easily implement at home and convey the atmosphere of home comfort, a bright holiday, and a fresh spring. 

1. Bunny-Themed SetupBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(5)

In many countries, an integral part of this holiday is the Easter bunny. Even if your country's traditions differ, you can still entertain your kids with a bunny attitude. Dress up your little one in adorable bunny ears and a fluffy tail to convey the cuteness and tenderness of the holiday. Set the scene with pastel-colored props such as Easter baskets, eggs, and flowers to create a cozy and inviting backdrop. Consider adding soft blankets or plush pillows to enhance the comfortable atmosphere. Add playful Easter spirit indoors or outdoors by adding bunny-themed decorations like bunting or balloons to complete the look.

2. Egg Hunt AdventureBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(6)

The Egg Hunt is another tradition that is inextricably linked to the rabbit but can take place without the participation of long ears. Fill the composition with colorful Easter eggs scattered around the stage, creating a playful and bright background. Encourage your toddler to explore and interact with the eggs, capturing candid moments of excitement and curiosity. Add props like baskets or buckets to collect eggs to create a festive atmosphere. Hide the eggs for real for an element of surprise and excitement. Just have time to catch it on camera. Let the child's natural curiosity complement the Easter frame and create vivid emotions and good memories!

3. Spring Garden SettingBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(7)

Convey the spirit of spring with a magical spring garden for your child's Easter photo shoot! Use the beauty of nature as a backdrop by adding blooming flowers, lush greenery, and natural sunlight to create a picturesque scene. Choose a tranquil spot in the garden with vibrant pastel-hued flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms to make the season's spirit. Place your child amid floral beauty, allowing them to interact with their surroundings for candid and touching moments. Consider using props like a wicker basket filled with Easter eggs or a soft blanket for comfort and charm.

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4. Egg PaintingBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(8)

Colored eggs are an integral attribute of Easter. Invite the children to paint the eggs with you or under your supervision; paint them, stick them with colorful stickers, or decorate them with glitter. The little one will be fascinated by the process, and you will get live and unique shots of real emotions. It is a good opportunity to involve children in preparing for the holiday and save these moments in photos. Remember the background scene and the main composition techniques so that the shots look harmonious and professional.

5. Making Easter BreadBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(9)

Many families bake their own Easter buns rather than buying them at the store. Like the previous idea, you can take photos of the bread-making process. A small mess from flour, raisins tasting, dough in children's hands, and cream everywhere (even on the nose)—does it look like perfect atmospheric pictures? Keep your models safe, and let them enjoy the process!

6. Easter WreathsBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(10)

Another idea for filming the process is to create various decorations with the children — wreaths, flower arrangements, table setting, lighting candles, etc. Show the preparation for the holiday in your photos. It will fill them with an atmosphere of anticipation of the Resurrection. And depending on the scenery, you can create aesthetic shots with your little models. Again, take care of the safety of the little ones during their interaction with potentially dangerous props and create an interesting and exciting atmosphere for the children. Take macro shots and close-ups of processes, focused portraits, and general scenes.

7. Family DinnerBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(11)

The location of an at-home Easter photoshoot can be your dining table, decorated with Easter aesthetics. Choose harmonious pastel accessories and clothes in the same colors for the whole family. Photograph moments of joy and sharing a family meal. The more natural the scenes, the better. Capture emotions close-up and create a selection from a range of photos — from subject shooting to joint portraits and general scenes.

8. Easter EssenceBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(12)

Easter is a religious holiday, and in addition to spring moods and fun, it has a deep and sacred meaning. If your family is a believer, show the preparation for the holiday in a home photo shoot. Show the main traditions with photos. You can also create beautiful atmospheric shots of your little ones with well-dressed baskets during the festive service at church. It may require more effort but will allow you to create unique holiday shots.

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Bottom LineBaby Easter Photoshoot Ideas To Celebrate A Hoppy Spring | Skylum Blog(13)

When you plan things to do with kids on Easter, add a children's or family photo shoot to the list. Whether choosing a bunny-themed decoration, an egg hunt adventure, or photographing the decorations and bread-making process, the key is to capture your child's innocence and charm amidst the festive spirit. With our ideas for DIY children's Easter photo shoot, you can create precious memories you and your family will cherish for years. Burst into the season full of creativity, love, and Easter magic, and let the joy of the occasion shine through in every photo. Happy Easter!

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