Explore the stunning lavender fields in summer and get inspired for your photography. Our guide will help you make the most of your shoot!

During summer, the fields of lavender farms bloom into life with violet, pink, blue, and even white hues. This fragrant flower has been used for centuries, dating back to the time of ancient Egyptians who used it similarly to how we do today, for air fresheners, bathing, and cooking. What they certainly wouldn’t have done, however, is make it a core subject of their photography. It’s during summer that photographers visit local lavender farms to witness the wonderful spectacle of a field full of these brilliant flowers, hoping to shoot romantic and playful themes. If you’re heading to a lavender farm this summer and want to get some inspiration for getting the best from your shoot, then check out our handy guide. 

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Planning your Photoshoot

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As with any style of photography, having a well-planned photoshoot will likely result in a successful outing. Remember, lavender farms often have rules and restrictions to protect the flowers, which are harvested for commercial purposes. Make sure your plans comply with the field's regulations. Let’s explore some key considerations for photographing lavender.

Choose the Right Time for Lavender

The prime time to photograph lavender typically spans from June to July, influenced by the spring weather. Lavender flowers are in bloom for about a month, though this can vary with the weather conditions. It’s advisable to keep an eye on the weather forecasts and check with the organisers responsible for the lavender fields about the current state of the blossoms.

Prepare the Equipment to Bring

Let’s ensure your camera bag is fully equipped for a successful shoot:

  1. Wide-angle Lens: Essential for capturing landscape and portrait shots with a vast backdrop.

  2. Telephoto Lens: This versatile lens allows you to capture distant subjects or shoot portraits with a blurred background that really makes the subject stand out against the vibrant lavender backdrop.

  3. Macro Lens: Capturing the finer details of the lavender plants with your macro lens will produce amazing results.

  4. Filters: Enhance blue skies with a polarising filter, or explore more creative filters that can enhance the hues of the flowers.

Dress According to the Mood

If you’re capturing images of others, or even taking self-portraits, choosing the right colours is crucial. Pastels can create soft, appealing palettes, particularly effective for crafting romantic imagery that harmonises with the gentle hues of the lavender fields.

For a cheerful, summery vibe, consider bright yellow to contrast the lavender and make your subjects pop. If you prefer your subjects to stand out subtly, neutral tones like cream, beige, and white are excellent choices.

For a more dramatic effect, darker colours such as navy or dark green can make the lavender stand out, lending a moody atmosphere to your photos. Alternatively, a bold red outfit can offer a striking contrast against the lavender, creating a visually captivating image.

Selecting the right outfit is crucial, as it can significantly enhance or detract from your shoot. Opt for colours that harmonise or contrast with the lavender without clashing—avoiding overly bright oranges, greens, and pinks that could create visual clutter in your composition.

Add More Details

There are various ways you can elevate your lavender photoshoots by incorporating props. Here’s a list of items you can bring along to your shoot if permissible:

  • Vintage Bikes

  • Vintage Clothing

  • Books

  • Basket of Flowers

  • Picnic Sets

  • Mason Jars

  • Watering Cans

  • Fabrics

  • Sun Umbrella

Romantic Photoshoot Ideas 

Lavender Field Photoshoot Ideas for Every Mood | Skylum Blog(3)A backdrop of lush lavender fields is perfect for romantically-themed photoshoots. Let’s explore some ideas for creating memorable keepsakes for you or your subjects.

Couple Shoots 

Pose couples in various ways, capturing intimate moments among the lavender flowers. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Holding Hands

Position yourself either behind or in front of the couple as they walk through the field. You could opt for a wide angle to clearly show the field and the couple, or focus solely on the hands with a shallow depth of field for a violet bokeh effect.

2. Embraced Poses

With your couple in embrace, find the perfect backdrop that complements this intimate moment. Sunset would provide softer lighting that complements rather than the harsher shadows of the midday sun.

3. Picnic Setups

Create a fun yet romantic composition with a picnic enjoyed by the couple. Ensure this is permissible with the organisers and that the colour of your picnic blanket harmonises with the lavender.

4. Proposal Shots

A proposal set against a gorgeous lavender backdrop at sunset would be the perfect photo for the couple to use for their wedding invites and as a framed photo for their home. Find the ideal backdrop, weather conditions, and outfit choice for your couple.

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Solo Shots 

Lavender Field Photoshoot Ideas for Every Mood | Skylum Blog(4)If you’re taking your tripod along with your camera, you can take centre stage and create wonderful self-portraits.

1. Close Up

Create close-up portraits with a lavender backdrop. Use a shallow depth of field to make the colours of the lavender serve as a bokeh backdrop.

2. Walking Among the Flowers

Capture yourself walking through the middle of a path with lavenders surrounding you, either walking away or towards your camera.

3. Flowing Dresses

With a trail of beautiful fabric flowing behind you, take a walk down the path surrounded by lavender, or position yourself sitting on the path with the dress fanned out around you.

Playful Photoshoot Ideas 

Getting creative is effortless with the beauty of lavender fields as your backdrop. Here are some ideas that are sure to look fantastic:

1. Family Outings

Capture fun activities and moments with family images. Softer lighting alongside the lavender will add warmth and create memorable shots.\

2. Fashion Shoots

Create colourful and eye-catching fashion shoots among the lavender fields. Remember to refer to earlier parts of this article when considering the best colours for your shoot.

3. Activities

Lavender fields may offer activities such as perfume and oil making. Capturing these moments can be uniquely interesting, especially when focusing on the intricate details of the apparatus used.

Landscape and Lavender 

Concentrate on the beauty of the location and the lavender, fields, and surrounding landscape.

1. Landscape Images

Use a wide-angle lens to capture the full beauty of the scenery. Consider the weather and lighting to ensure ideal scenes. Therefore, check the closing times of the fields to plan accordingly.

2. Macro

Swap out your wide-angle lens and get up close to capture the intricate beauty of the lavender flowers. Be on the lookout for bees and butterflies, as these flowers are beloved by pollinators.

Commercial Photography Bonus Tip

Lavender Field Photoshoot Ideas for Every Mood | Skylum Blog(5)If your shoot is commissioned, for example, a couple's shoot, here are some ways you can enhance your deliverables:

  • Scented Photo Album: Infuse the pages of a photo album with lavender scents to excite the senses for your clients as they flick through the pages of your album.

  • Dried Lavender: If permissible to pick lavender in the field, or by purchasing a lavender plant, dehydrate and dry the lavender, attaching it to the images you deliver.

  • Scented Thank You Cards: A nice touch would be to deliver a scented thank you card to your clients with a small print included. This could potentially lead to word-of-mouth bookings.

  • Lavender Seeds: Include lavender seeds alongside your deliverables, a unique gift that your clients may greatly appreciate.

The Bottom Line

Lavender Field Photoshoot Ideas for Every Mood | Skylum Blog(6)A photography trip to the lavender fields is a yearly tradition for some photographers, a delightful opportunity to witness these beautiful and fragrant flowers in full bloom. Capturing them during the golden hour can be particularly magical. With your camera in these fields, there's a wealth of shots to take. Wide-angled landscape shots can perfectly showcase the extensive fields and the neat symmetry of the lavender rows. Alternatively, attaching a macro lens allows you to capture the intricate details of the lavender up close, along with the bees and butterflies that visit them.

Lavender fields are also an ideal backdrop for portrait shoots, whether for couples, families, or even solo portraits. The vibrant violet background can really make your compositions pop, especially if you choose clothing colours that complement the lavender's hue effectively.

No matter what your photography goals are, you’re bound to have a great deal of fun shooting in these beautiful fields. So take advantage of the scenery, experiment with different angles and settings, and most importantly, enjoy the experience!

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