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January 01

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Add more details and finishing touches to your HDR photos with these presets.

Lightroom is a versatile image-processing application. It is designed to provide users with a complete toolset needed for quick and seamless photo importing & exporting, sorting and storing, album-creation, slideshows and photo books, photo editing and enhancement, as well as other photo related tasks. 

Aurora HDR 2021 is the best Lightroom plugin for HDR photography.

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It is only logical to point out that Lightroom is built to help users organize and process great volumes of photo files at a time.

Lightroom HDR Plugins and Presets Image1Since the development of High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR or HDRI) technology, more and more photographers, the world over, continue to embrace the innovative approach that this picture-perfect tone mapping technique offers.

In the beginning, the method was quite difficult to learn, time-consuming, and only achievable using very expensive software applications. Nevertheless, with newer technologies being deployed, High Dynamic Range is now possible in moments and requires little or no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Some have argued about the possibility of accomplishing amazing HDR results in Lightroom. I’d be shedding more light on that shortly.

Lightroom Presets Overview

With the recent introduction of the Creative Cloud, Lightroom continues to be a robust, ultra-modern, and relatively inexpensive photography app. The app’s generosity towards third-party software is also noteworthy.

The beauty of using Lightroom for your HDR workflow is that the app makes it a lot easier for you to process, edit and store photos from a central location, comparing to alternatives like Darkroom. Getting the best out of LR is often determined by how well you can ‘maneuver’ around its editing environment. A little help from third-party plugins and presets could revolutionize your HDR photo experience in an extraordinary way.

Download HDR Lightroom Presets and make professional color correction in 2 clicks. 

Lightroom HDR Plugins and Presets Image2

Get the most from Presets

Deploying the unlimited possibilities of third-party presets to your workflow can indeed contribute a unique flavor to your dynamic-range experience, and AuroraHDR is the best & most reliable HDR tool you could ever incorporate into your LR workspace, particularly if you have a knack for perfect HDR results.

It is important to state here that there are well over a thousand and one techniques to take HDR photos as there are photographers. It all depends on your HDR needs, and whether or not you’ve got the right tools (knowledge, skill, and experience) to meet those needs. 

If you’re a newbie in the HDR community, checking out Lightroom, particularly the newer version (LR 6), may be an inspiring way to launch out into the ‘deep’ – Lightroom HDR tools might just be perfect for your needs. However, if your HDR requirements are more vast and complex, than regular, it is strongly recommended that you switch to a more powerful tool like AuroraHDR for your workflow.

Aurora HDR is incredibly unique in its component and function. It is designed to work as a standalone app or as a plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, and other Mac or Windows Plugin hosts. Aurora HDR perfectly complements its host application by making it possible for anyone, irrespective of their skill level, to quickly deploy all of its HDR arsenals, in simple mouse-clicks.

Lightroom HDR Plugins and Presets Image3

Aurora HDR: the Best Preset for LR

Being an extraordinary product of the collaborative project between the Mac/PC photo-giant, Macphun, and the world’s best HDR photographer, Trey Ratcliff, Aurora HDR is much more than any of the High-Dynamic-Range app in the world today. 

It is unarguably the most efficient HDR program for Mac and WIndows. Aurora can be installed both as standalone and as plugin to host applications like Lightroom, Photoshop, Photos for Mac and others

You possibly couldn’t demand too much from an HDR software that’s fully equipped with advanced, cutting-edge tone-mapping algorithms. The app boasts of more HDR-dedicated tools than any other HDR program in existence. 

On Aurora, accomplishing comprehensive one-stop HDR and photo editing solution is real. The app literarily performs your tone mapping and photo enhancements with incredible precision, in record time. You’d also have access to several of its advanced tools like luminosity, layers as well as its RAW processing and others.

Lightroom HDR Plugins and Presets Image4

For the avoidance of doubt, here are some of Aurora’s key features that distinguish it from any other HDR app in the world today:

  • Over 75 top-quality presets
  • Cutting-edge tone mapping algorithm
  • Dozens of smart color control
  • Multiple layers with blend modes
  • Extraordinary clarity, detail and structure controls
  • Fast and Top-quality RAW processor
  • Custom Textures and Luminosity Masking
  • Plugin support
  • Pixel-perfect HDR noise-reduction technology
  • And well over 70 powerful and easy-to-use tools

Deploying Aurora’s Amazing HDR Tools in Lightroom

It’s an established fact that the internet is replete with free HDR Lightroom presets that can be installed to enhance LR’s HDR capabilities. You’d, however, need more than just any Lightroom HDR presets for your workflow.

Making use of an incredibly powerful tool like Aurora HDR to accomplish realistic High Dynamic Range results can be both rewarding and very soul-satisfying. Like every other Lightroom plugin or presets, installation is usually the first and most important step.

Installing Aurora HDR Plugin for Lightroom

Not only is Aurora an incredibly powerful HDR tool, but it is also dynamic in nature and very easy to use. Depending on your computer’s configuration, Aurora only requires a couple of seconds for its installation. 

Once installed, all of Aurora’s amazing tools and presets can be accessed and used from within your Lightroom workspace.

Lightroom HDR Plugins and Presets Image5

Benefits of Using Aurora HDR Presets in Lightroom

Lightroom is a fantastic photo organizer and a basic editor. It is great at doing exactly what it’s been built to do – organization and basic editing processes, and that’s just about all. 

To accomplish picture-perfect HDR results, you’d need a lot more than Lightroom’s basic capabilities which are where Aurora HDR comes in.

Aurora HDR presets for Lightroom give LR users the required control and flexibility to perform advanced HDR tasks with excellence and simplicity. This is so because Aurora intuitively expands LR’s HDR capabilities without interfering with its native features. 

The result? Mind-blowing HDR images in simple mouse-clicks. Irrespective of your skillset, Aurora’s tool layout is accessible and enough easy to use.

Aurora’s presets are unique – they can’t be compared to any other app or plugin. These preset include a very wide range of HDR tools and effects that you may never have thought existed. An example is the Trey Ratcliff signature HDR presets and many others.

Lightroom HDR Plugins and Presets Image6


Several photographers and hobbyists attest to how integrating Aurora HDR (its plugin and presets) into their workflow has significantly enhanced their HDR experience. Aurora HDR is great at giving users a strong edge over the competition.

Use Aurora HDR for free for 14 days.

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