Do you want to help shape Luminar Neo’s future?

Skylum’s goal is to guarantee the best possible product quality and ensure that all Luminar artists are satisfied with Luminar Neo when it’s released in February. That’s why it’s time to share some exciting news with you.

On December 28, 2021, we launched an exclusive Early Access version of Luminar Neo that showcases new features. If you’ve bought Luminar Neo and agree to actively participate in shaping its future, we invite you to download the Early Access version. On January 13, we released the first update to it.

You will be able to influence the product’s development by providing feedback within the Luminar Neo Early Access app. The Skylum Team will be collecting feedback until January 20, 2022. The most helpful, insightful, and active users will receive thank you gifts for their input. 

What is included in the Early Access version?

The Early Access version will include the new engine and the following four features:

  • Relight AI
  • Remove Dust Spots
  • Remove Powerlines
  • Luminar Share

At the release in February, all users will receive most of the functionality currently available in Luminar AI, Presets and Layers functionality, and a version of the new engine that delivers even better performance. Portrait Background Removal AI and Mask AI will be available in the first free update to Luminar Neo. 

What limitations does the Early Access version have?

Please keep in mind that the Early Access version of Luminar Neo is still in progress. You will receive updates to this version throughout January. To make sure that your feedback is valuable and relevant, we’d be grateful if you focused on the three new features and kept in mind that some functionality is absent and will be added later in the main release.

The Early Access version of Luminar Neo is currently missing:

  • Histogram
  • Dodge & Burn tool
  • Clone & Stamp tool
  • Portrait Bokeh AI tool
  • Body AI tool
  • Face AI tool
  • Image 3D Transform
  • Color Picker in the Develop tool 
  • Flip and Rotate functionality in Crop
  • Copy and Paste, Pen Pressure (only on macOS) for Radius and Opacity, Linear and Radial gradient functionality in Masking
  • Application on hover of LUTs in the Mood tool
  • Undo and Redo functionality
  • Sync Adjustments, Copy and Paste Adjustments functionality 

Additionally, on macOS:

  • The context menu is absent in Single Image View for Catalog and in the Edit tab
  • Missing Undo functionality in Masking
  • Missing Erase functionality after applying Vignette effect
  • Incorrect states may show in Erase steps in the History tab 

On Windows:

  • Disabled sliders in Sky AI
  • Issues when using Develop tools 
  • Significant delays while using Erase and fast-forwarding in the History tab
  • Not active plug-ins
  • Limited hotkeys

Important Note! All applied edits may be lost with each update to the Early Access version, so ensure that you have backed up important files when using this version.

The Early Access version works as a plugin and a Photos extension on macOS, but not on Windows. It won’t be released in the Mac App Store and Windows Store.

Before installing the Windows version, make sure that you have installed both:

Microsoft Visual C++ Redist by clicking here.

If your computer uses an Intel graphics card, the latest Intel GPU driver by clicking here.

As we’ve stated, the Early Access version is a work in progress. All functionality will be present and fully functional in the main release of Luminar Neo. We’ll be happy to receive any feedback concerning the new Remove Powerlines, Remove Dust Spots, and RelightAI features, as well as any other comments on the Early Access version concerning things that are not included in the list above.

How do I download the Early Access version?

If you’ve purchased Luminar Neo, the Early Access version will be available to you in your Skylum Account. To download the Early Access version, visit your Skylum Account and find Luminar Neo in the My Software tab. Then read the information about the Early Access version and check the box that states you agree to provide product feedback and you acknowledge that the Early Access version of Luminar Neo is not yet fully stable and differs from the upcoming final release version. Click here to access your Skylum Account right away. 

Your opinion matters to us! Let’s create an amazing, satisfying, and high-quality product for all Luminar artists.

How to make sure your Luminar Neo Early Access version is up to date?

The first update to the Early Access version was released on January 13, and there are more updates to come. Make sure your app is updated!

  • On macOS, click on Luminar Neo in the top menu bar and choose Check for updates.
  • On Windows, click Luminar Neo in the top left-hand corner and choose Help > Check for updates.

How to use the Luminar Share app?

Luminar Share is an app that allows Luminar Neo users to transfer photos from desktop to mobile (and the opposite direction) wirelessly. It also makes it easy for users to share edited photos to their social media accounts. 

Features of Luminar Share include:

  • Wireless transfer of photos between the desktop Luminar Neo app and the Luminar Share mobile app 
  • Mirroring of photos from Luminar Neo on a mobile device
  • Easy sharing of photos to social media

The Luminar Share app is available on both Android and iOS and is free for all Luminar Neo users.

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