It's easy to fall into routine during wedding photography editing, that's why you need to keep focus

The knowledge of photo editing, especially when it comes to professional photography, is essential to come up with great images. Each genre of photography demands something else. If you are a sports photographer, you need fast lenses and cameras with great autofocus systems. If you are a food photographer, you need to understand lighting and composition more than anything else.

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One of the most challenging, and often underrated, kinds of photography is wedding photography. It combines multiple aspects of taking photos, like lighting, composition, and color into one genre that is not very easy to nail.

Photo Enhancement for Wedding Projects

Wedding photography not only demands that you have reliable equipment and skill but also that you know of the photo editing skills to get the best out of your hard work. To sell your work as a wedding photographer, one needs to make an impact with their work. One way to do this is to focus on some feature images in your portfolio. These feature images should be ones that instantly grab the client’s eye, and hence should be processed carefully.

There are many ways to enhance your featured wedding photos, or wedding photos in general, but here are some of the basic ones you should be familiar with:

Color Correction

You wouldn’t believe what a little color and temperature correction can do to make a dull image into an amazing one. Playing around with brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, and sharpening can create sunning images that your potential clients will fall in love with.

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There are some images that just look better with a little less color. You can do this by bringing the saturation in these images down to give them a nice vintage feeling. You can enhance this effect even more by adding a slight color cast over your photos. This allows you to simulate a vintage film effect, which instantly makes some photos look much better.

Black and White

Images that are candid and show emotion can sometimes be made into stunning piece of art by taking away their color. Black and white photography is often termed as timeless, and it might be what you need to make an image great. Once you have converted your image into black and white, you can then adjust the exposure and contrast, along with clarity and softness, to get exactly the kind of feeling you want your image to evoke.

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You Need a Good Photo Editor

Now that you know some of the very basic photo enhancement techniques for wedding photography, you need to invest in a good photo editing software. RAW image converters like Lightroom and CaptureOne are obvious choices, but if you want to try something more intuitive and user-friendly, give a shot to Luminar. This is a considerably newer software but it has quickly become one of the favorite overall photo editors for professionals.

It brings pro-level editing controls to you in a very easy to use package that can integrate with other programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture as well. All the filters and effects you need for your wedding photo enhancement needs are found in Luminar enhance image online tool, and all of them can help you edit your images in a non-destructive way. If you want a photo editor that combines professional editing with a low price, it’s really hard to beat what Luminar has to offer.

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