What is HDR on iPhone

January 27

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iPhone is well-known for its photography technology - and one of the most underestimated features is HDR option.

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What is HDR

High Dynamic Range, also called HDR, is a setting on the iPhone Camera application that allows you to create high quality photos. The HDR function in your iPhone camera app lets you capture photographs with better contrast The function simply lets you catch more noteworthy details from dull regions and enhances the overall quality of your image. Our eye sees a more dynamic range than a camera. The purpose of HDR functionality is to bridge this gap and present us images that are closer to how they look in real.

How HDR works

When you enable the HDR option to click a picture from your IPhone, it take a few versions of the photograph rapidly, and combines them into a single picture. Every version is adjusted according to various factors of highlights, shadows and contrast. Basically, your iPhone takes one photograph adjusting shadows, and one adjusting brightness and so on. After that it will combine the best components of each of these photographs together into a single picture to present you with an image that is of high quality with no imbalances.

Using HDR on iPhone

HDR photos are bigger than normal photos and hence take more space. Make sure to use this function when you need it. Here’s how to turn it on.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Photos & Camera.
  • Now Scroll down to High Dynamic Range feature.
  • Here, toggle the option ‘Keep Normal Photo’ to save both normal and HDR photos, and toggle it off to save only HDR photos.

If you save both images, you can pick the best one and delete the other one.

HDR Apps For IPhone


It is an advanced camera application having multiple capture modes and manual controls to give your photos the HDR effect. You can also edit normal pictures and give them a HDR look using Camera Pixels.

Auto Bracket HDR

This app gives photographers a chance to capture various photographs at various exposure compensation. It then merges them and transforms them into one quality picture.

Aurora HDR

This is not an iPhone app, it’s a software exclusive to MAC users. It has all the amazing capabilities to give a picture a HDR look. You can shoot brackets without merging them into HDR because Aurora HDR is capable of doing it on its own.

When to turn HDR feature ON and OFF

Use HDR when you are clicking photos with a lot of sunlight. The sun impacts brightness levels and images end up looking unclear. The HDR feature can balance it. Other than this, use this feature when you have backlight to ensure the image doesn't look washed. The feature can also be used when you’re clicking a picture with different brightness levels from different objects (a bulb or sky etc.)

Final Verdict

By now you must have comprehended what HDR is and what it does. In a nutshell, a normal picture on your iPhone only exposes one part of the picture, while HDR mode takes three pictures at a same time with each picture focusing on a different exposure level and combines them to present one neat photo.

Use Aurora HDR for free for 14 days.

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