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Auto Enhance Image Resolution

Experience the power of Skylum's auto-enhance feature that relights your photo effortlessly. With a single click, achieve a balanced mix of shadows, mid-tones, and highlights, unveiling hidden details in your image.

Light Photo Editing Personalization

Utilize a wide array of tools to adjust brightness, contrast, and size, infusing the ideal light for photo editing and ensuring every detail stands out.

Balanced Lighting with One Click

Effortlessly achieve beautifully lit photos with our photo light adjustment online tool, simplifying the photo editing process.

Dramatic Effect Creation Tools

Discover the potential of your images with our advanced light enhancement tools. Change your photo's lighting to add excitement, set a feeling, or showcase important parts.
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Methods For Adding Light Effect To An Image

Adding light effects to an image can significantly enhance its appeal and create a specific mood or atmosphere. Here are a few methods:
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Use Online Tools

Software like Skylum's editor offer features that can help you add light effect to photo online. You can tweak brightness, contrast, and other aspects of lighting to achieve the desired result.
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Use Filters

Some editing tools provide filters that can simulate certain lighting conditions. For example, a "sunlight" filter can add a warm, golden glow to your image.
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Manipulate Shadows and Highlights

By adjusting the shadows and highlights in an image, you can create the illusion of different lighting conditions. Increase the highlights to mimic bright light, and adjust the shadows for depth and contrast.
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Use Artificial Light Overlays

Some tools provide artificial light overlays like lens flare, sun rays, or bokeh effects. These can add a professional touch to your photos.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Edit Light In A Photo?

Absolutely! Light editing is a crucial aspect of photo editing. You can adjust various light elements such as brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, and exposure to enhance your image. Online tools like Skylum's photo editor make it easy to edit light in photos.

How Can I Add More Light To A Photo?

Adjusting your photo editing tool's brightness and exposure levels can add more light to a photo. Use the brightness slider to increase the overall light in your image. Exposure control can help you manage the intensity of light in specific areas of your photo.

How To Relight An Image?

To relight your photo means to adjust the lighting after the photo has been taken. This can be done by using photo editing software. In Skylum's photo editor, you can use the auto-enhance feature for quick light adjustments or manually adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows to achieve the desired lighting effect.