No acrobatics in your photo studio – boudoir poses for plus-size photography are easier than you think!

Greetings, dear readers, photographers, and models. In this article, we would like to talk about some curvy plus size photoshoot ideas that will make your photo shoot not a grueling job, but pleasant leisure (for both the photographer and the model), and the result will be gorgeous! Often, in pursuit of an original shot, photographers put girls in uncomfortable and unnatural poses, which leads to dissatisfaction and tension during the shooting. But beauty does not always equal originality, and this should not be forgotten. The desire to do something different from others should not be the locomotive of the photographer's work. This is the role assigned to beauty, and beauty (you can argue, but it's true) is universal, albeit a multifaceted one.

Most of this article is a low-key plus-size boudoir posing guide, which will be useful for both photographers and models. I will also talk about what outfits you can use, how to accentuate in a great way, and give some useful tips.

In our opinion, BBW boudoir is delicious! For us personally, the guiding star in this matter are the exhaustive words of Karel Čapek:

“If you do not value and are not able to admire simple, bare reality, it is better not to direct your lens at it, which God Himself supposes to reflect correctly and clearly (provided that you didn't forget to do proper focusing)”.

Let's apply this principle to plus-size boudoir photo shoots. Regardless of the body type, any girl may look like a goddess in the frame, because the body itself is natural, and this is where the secret of beauty lies.

Before we get to the main point of this article, I would like to recall the iconic "Pepper" of Edward Weston. It looks sexy, doesn't it? So why do some ladies worry about it, we wonder? Be confident! If pepper can do it, then you definitely can! Now let's take a look at some sexy poses for plus-size women.

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How to pose plus-size women for boudoir photography?

The main rule you need to remember is to create as many curves as possible. The physiology of the human body will not allow you to go too far with them, so do not limit yourself. The curves of the body open up a lot of possibilities for playing with lighting, accessory, hair and makeup, outfits, etc.

1. The Cross pose

Best Plus Size Boudoir Poses: Top 10 Picks | Skylum Blog

We call this the cross pose, although you don't have to recreate the exact shape of the cross with your hands. This curvy boudoir photography idea is ideal for a nude or semi-nude look with arms outstretched. You need to shoot from the back. The rest is up to you.

The play of light and shadow on the curves of the naked back looks just great! And the divorced hands will emphasize all the lines of the muscles, which create an additional volume of the frame.

Tip: Come up with a plot that will be logical for this pose. For example, a girl playing the piano or a girl leaning on a dressing table with a mirror.

2. On the side

Plus Size Boudoir Poses: Top 10 Ideas | Skylum Blog

This one is a universal and simple pose for girls of any body type: 

  • The position of the body creates a feeling of ease, relaxation, and a little laziness, which is great for a boudoir
  • In addition, the hips rise, the waist narrows noticeably, and the torso elongates.

Tip: The Achilles' heel of this pose is the breast. Since curvy girls usually have big breasts, it may be too crowded in the frame. Use a push-up bra or corset to accentuate the lines. You can also go a completely different route: wear a men's oversized shirt.

3. En face

Curvy Boudoir Photography Poses: Top 10 | Skylum Blog

A difficult task for photographers when choosing plus-size boudoir poses, so some may tell you that it looks bad – don't believe it! Looking at the camera will allow you to show that you are confident. This power is felt when looking at the photo.

Tip: Don't slouch! You can also sit down; this will allow you to experiment with the position of your legs to create more volume in the frame.

4. Raising arms

Plus Size Boudoir: Top 10 Poses for Curves | Skylum Blog

Probably the most popular of the boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size. For some reason, photographers are very fond of shooting close-ups, but we find that it is much more profitable to capture everything from the hips and above. Raised arms, like the pose on the side, elongate your torso and accentuate your waistline, which looks very beautiful.

Tip: If you decide to shoot from the hips and up, experiment with a light source behind the model's back. It shouldn't be a window, but something small, like a candle. This will create an interesting and natural halo around the girl.

5. Flirty look over your shoulder

Top 10 Boudoir Poses for Plus Size Models | Skylum Blog

It looks very tempting and sexy. The model seems to be luring the viewer to follow her. That's how you get the viewer's attention. And if you want to make the picture more sensual, just look down.

Tip: When the shoulders are one of the main elements of the frame, they can appear too wide when shot horizontally. Try taking a vertical shot.

6. With arms akimbo

Plus Size Boudoir Poses: Top 10 Recommendations | Skylum Blog

You do not necessarily have to rest your hands on your hips and push your elbows forward. However, this is the first association that comes to mind, so we put it in the title. Here is a ready-made plot for a photo session. Use these plus-size couples' boudoir photo shoot ideas. You're welcome.

Of course, you can hide your hands in your pockets or sexually stroke your waist. The bottom line is that the position of the hands focuses on these two, hips and waist. It always looks very bold and even a little cheeky.

Tip: This pose goes well with the backlight. Try taking a couple of shots by the window.

7. Arch the back

Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Top 10 Poses | Skylum Blog

This is a great way to show off your booty and hip lines. For some reason, it is generally accepted that arching the back is appropriate only when the model is lying or sitting on her knees. However, while standing, such a trick is also easy to pull off. At the same time, the curves look even better.

Tip: Not all girls are easy to arch the back. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, try other positions instead. Comfort is what influences the freedom to choose sexy plus-size poses.

8. Crossed legs

Plus Size Boudoir Shoot: Top 10 Pose Ideas | Skylum Blog

A very popular pose among curvy models. Here are some tips: 

  • The girl should lie on her back with her legs crossed. This gives incredible scope for imagination because the body is relaxed. 
  • Having support in the form of a sofa or bed under you, you can direct your gaze with your hands, turn your head, or scatter your hair in the direction you need. 
  • In addition, it is very convenient to use props or something from your wardrobe. For example, unfastened garters can also serve as guidelines in the frame.

Tip: The cross-legged prone position requires an expressive look, but if the model is tired (for example, at the end of the photo session), you can always close your eyes and play Sleeping Beauty.

9. Touch to the heart

Boudoir Poses for Curvy Women: Top 10 Picks | Skylum Blog

One of the most sensual plus-size boudoir photography ideas. Bending your arm at the elbow, point your fingers as if you are trying to touch your heart. Keep your forefinger straight and bend the rest a little. The position of the head depends on the angle. For example, if the photographer is shooting you from above, tilt your chin slightly towards your shoulder. It looks very romantic.

Tip: A spectacular attribute of such shots is a light cape that embraces your shoulders, a negligee, or something like that.

10. Taking pictures while standing

Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Best 10 Poses | Skylum Blog

Not so much a specific pose as a tip for any standing position: shift your weight onto one leg. This will make you look more casual and natural in your look. In this position, the thigh of the leading leg protrudes slightly forward, due to which the lines of the waist and hips are clearly visible.

Tip: When photographing while standing, think about the surroundings of the scene. The more you are in the frame, the more objects will be. Remove all unnecessary.

How to prepare for a plus-size boudoir photo shoot?

So, we figured out the poses. Now let's talk about how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot. And the first thing worth mentioning is your outfits.

Select outfits

We have already touched on the topic of wardrobe more than once, talking about poses. But this issue still deserves a separate analysis. I hope you already understood that for the plus size boudoir photo shoot, not only sexy lingerie is suitable, but also other things from your wardrobe (or even your man’s wardrobe, which will certainly flatter him).

It is necessary to consider several points here. First, try to choose things according to size. It is very important to feel comfortable during the shooting process. So, if the corset is choking you, don't use it. The same applies to too-small bras or high heels.

Plus Size Boudoir Poses: Top 10 Inspirations | Skylum Blog

One more important thing to consider when choosing boudoir photo ideas for plus size. No one, not even the photographer you empower to shoot as he sees fit, knows your body better than you. Give free rein to your self-love, think about what exactly you like most about your body, and try to choose outfits that emphasize your best features: buttocks, breasts, or whatever.

The atmosphere of boudoir shots can be very different. These are not only sensual pictures in exquisite surroundings but also provocative photos in the style of Jan Saudek or dark stories based on the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, for example. According to your plus size boudoir photo idea, choose the colors and type of clothing that fits best. I recommend choosing the main color that will be the most in the frame, because it does not scatter, but rather focuses the viewer's attention. You can also consult with your photographer about what colors suit you and what colors he will be comfortable working with in his studio.

Silk looks very impressive in the frame. This material works great with both artificial and natural light and also looks amazing in all possible scenes. In addition, a beautiful silk cape is a great way to hide what you want to hide and accentuate what you want to accentuate.

Light is your faithful assistant!

Advice for photographers. Boudoir plus-size photography is a specific genre that requires the photographer to pay as much attention to detail as possible. You can hide something in the shadows or create or set the mood using different types of lighting. It is important to understand that curvy models have their own photo requirements, so you must prove yourself as a real master of the light in order to achieve a result that will satisfy both you and your clients.

Best Plus Size Boudoir Photography Poses: Top 10 | Skylum Blog

Your customer is first and foremost a person

Some photographers say that model is just an object in the frame, but this is not true. Before shooting, I always try to get to know the person better, to understand the motives and expectations. This is the only way to do a really amazing job. And this is what you can base your choice of plus size boudoir ideas on. If you have the opportunity, invite the model for coffee before shooting and just have a talk. This helps you figure out how to do what your client wants.

Match Instagram

It may not be very pleasant, but you need to meet the requirements of Instagram because this is where the whole world will see your photos. If your plus-size boudoir photo shoot ideas are too vulgar, they can choose another one. This is not a problem, because there are many different beautiful options that will not embarrass anyone. It is also important to consider the aspect ratio of the frame. If you are working with complex compositions, but then Instagram crops your picture, it can ruin everything. Uploading compresses the photo, so pixels can show up in dark places. This is also worth thinking about.

Plus Size Boudoir Posing Guide: Top 10 Poses | Skylum Blog

Conclusion: Boudoir is for you!

Boudoir plus size is not just a photo. This is a chance to spread your wings for models and photographers. This is a way to broaden your horizons and improve your photography or posing skills. In short, it's worth it!

If you're a curvy girl who wants great boudoir shots, you don't have to wait for any sign from above! Just find a photographer, tell them your cool plus-size boudoir photography ideas, and go for it! I'm sure you'll be delighted with yourself.

Photographer? Grab your camera and go looking for your models. Hundreds of girls are waiting to be filmed in your studio, with your camera and your unique vision. And I hope that my advice will help you to do everything right. Good luck!

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