July is a great time to get away from everyday life and go on a trip! Today, in our blog, we will discuss July vacation ideas, which will give you many bright moments and no less bright photos!

The height of the summer vacation season always falls in July. If you are looking for new experiences and unusual vacation places, you are in the right place! We have prepared a selection of the best vacation spots in July this year. Here, you will find vacation ideas for every mood and budget. In addition, as a pleasant bonus, you will receive practical tips for creating impressive pictures during your vacation. Without further ado, let's get straight to the point!

Prepare for Summer Vacation

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When you choose your direction of travel, try to think through its details. Even if you like spontaneity, a detailed plan will help you not miss key places and take lots of good photos. For example, you can use special gliders. Read more about the 8 Best Travel Planner Apps to learn their advantages and choose your assistant.

If we talk about the camera, traveling with a lot of professional equipment can be a real test (unless you are a professional wildlife photographer). Consider buying or renting a compact camera and learn the basics of composition and light to create images using only what you have. Read about the Best Budget Camera for Traveling to choose the one that suits you best.

If necessary, install the convenient photo editor on a more compact device like a phone or tablet, to avoid burdening yourself with an additional laptop and to postpone the processing and publication of vacation photos for later. For example, Luminar Neo has mobile versions for Apple users, which are no less powerful than the desktop version and will give you a quick and professional result.

Now, let's move on to the review of places where to travel in July.


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Let's start with an exotic vacation. July in Tanzania is the height of the cool, dry season. A trip here at this time will be full of impressions not only for wildlife photographers but also for all animal lovers. You will have a fair chance of seeing herds of antelopes, gazelles, and zebras in their natural habitat. You may be lucky enough to encounter wild elephants and predators. You will also be impressed by the local flora and scenery. Safaris in Tanzania are located in the Ngorongoro Crater area; in the same protected area, you will see the world's largest caldera.

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Spain: Costa Brava

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The well-known Salvador Dali lived and worked here for a long time. He transformed a former theater in Figueres into one of his finest museums, the Dalí Theater Museum. But this is not the only thing that attracts tourists. Amazing and unusual villages, picturesque beaches, mountains, and local flavors will not leave you indifferent. In July, the whole city turns into permanent festivals and concerts. The color and saturation of the photos will be unsurpassed, even before processing.

France: Paris

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The myth that Paris is a city of romance, suitable only for lovers, has long been debunked. Fashion, art, and gastro-tourism are just a small part of what you will find in this bustling place. On July 14, the streets of Paris will host a military parade, concert, and festive fireworks for the Bastille Day national holiday. Use this opportunity to take a photo of the festival. Read the tips on Parade Photography to get good pictures of the event. The Olympic Games will also begin on July 26, gathering many locals and tourists. So take this into account when planning your trip. You can try a boat trip on the Seine or take a day trip from Paris to a nearby palace or village.

Australia: QueenslandBest Places To Visit In July: Locations You Shouldn't Miss | Skylum Blog(6)

Go on winter vacation in the middle of July! No, no, it will not be about the snow-covered Alps. Queensland is a picturesque state located in the northeast of Australia. It is chilly here in July, but the weather is warm and dry. It is the perfect time to visit. You can enjoy water activities such as diving on the Great Barrier Reef or watching the humpback whale migration from a boat. Beaches, theme parks, and hiking in Lamington National Park await you. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a must-see. It will surprise you with various bars, restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and many other entertainment.

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AustriaBest Places To Visit In July: Locations You Shouldn't Miss | Skylum Blog(7)

There is a myth that some people fly to Austria by accident when they are going to Australia. But this is just a myth. Many people visit Austria yearly with a specific purpose! Here, you will find everything you could want for your vacation — from Viennese palaces, cathedrals, and cafés to the musical history of Salzburg and breathtaking Alpine landscapes. Many festivals and concerts are held in Vienna and other big cities. The streets contain elegant cafes, restaurants, and thematic beer bars. And the Alps villages will show the area's color and give you unity with nature.


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Explore the beauty of the Caribbean islands, starting with Curacao. July weather is pleasant and the sea is warm so it is ideal for swimming or diving. Due to its southern location, Curaçao is outside the hurricane zone, so you don't have to worry about the possibility of receiving a spoiled vacation. In addition to the beaches, incredible attractions await you in the cities and towns, including many promenades, museums, street art, restaurants, and nightclubs. A hike or jeep ride to the top of Mount Christoffel will give you a panoramic view of the island.

Canada: MontrealBest Places To Visit In July: Locations You Shouldn't Miss | Skylum Blog(9)

The Montreal Jazz Festival, which begins in late June and runs through the first week of July, is popular among music lovers. You can also visit circus festivals and many themed events. In neighboring Quebec City, the Festival d’été de Québec is held annually in early July with an exciting program of top artists. Gastro Tourism unfolds before you with restaurants, open-air markets, cozy terraces, beer halls and food trucks. Try local and international cuisine without missing the city's famous bagels.

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Alaska: Homer

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Homer is a commercial fishing community located on Kachemak Bay on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. In July, it is known as the "City of Peonies," while at other times, it is known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World." In July, the annual Homer Peony Festival is held here for a whole month. Flowers grown on 25 Homer peony farms are honored. So you can enjoy big and bright blooms. You can also spot orcas and humpback whales that spend the summer in Kachemak Bay. Here, amidst natural beauty, you will immerse yourself in the ocean of cultural celebrations. A great place to spend the 4th of July with its fun celebrations and local flavor.

USA: New HampshireBest Places To Visit In July: Locations You Shouldn't Miss | Skylum Blog(11)

The lake region will delight you with the union with nature and the vibe of good American movies. Rent a lakeside or mountainside cabin and enjoy the views. The White Mountains have lakes, rivers, and Franconia Notch State Park. The Great Northern Forest area welcomes visitors to the wilderness for fly fishing, hiking, and camping at Umbagog Lake State Park. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of English towns of the last century, visit Fitzwilliam. It has historic houses, country roads, blueberry picking, and the largest grove of rhododendrons.

ItalyBest Places To Visit In July: Locations You Shouldn't Miss | Skylum Blog(12)

Enjoy pizza, limoncello, tender tiramisu, good coffee, fresh seafood, and the aromas of Mediterranean herbs. And all this with beautiful views of the sea, mountains, or their combination. From bustling big cities to cozy picturesque villages with fields of vineyards and olive trees — Italy will forever capture your heart. Many people spend their best July vacations here. You can find many unique places in this country. You won't have enough vacation time to visit them all at once!

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We hope that among these wonderful July vacation destinations you have found the one that will be your next trip. Consider the climate and weather conditions that await you. If you're going on a wilderness trip, ensure you have chargers and know emergency numbers. Never neglect your safety or that of others. Whether you go on a wild safari, the beach, the mountains, or the urban jungle — complement your impressions with vivid pictures. Make them professional and unique with the help of modern photo editing technologies. Remember that with Luminar Neo, your July photos will be impressive and stand out!

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