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Fix Photos With a Red-Eye Remover

Red-eye occurs when the camera's flash reflects off the back of a subject's eye, often causing a red or sometimes white or yellowish glow. It can make a person look unnatural and eerie. Remove red-eye to make a person appear more natural and attractive.

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How To Use Red Eye Removal For Flawless Photos?

Luminar Neo has plenty of AI portrait features that can help you perfect your portraits in a click, including a Red Eye Removal slider.

Why Should You Choose an AI Red-Eye Photo Editor?

Masking small details manually can be tricky. Luminar Neo’s content-aware AI detects the exact area that needs adjustments, automatically selects it, and fixes imperfections in a click.


Mastering Red-Eye Reduction For Stunning Portraits

Get rid of red eyes in photos caused by flash with just a slide of the Red Eye Removal slider in Luminar Neo’s Face AI feature.

Adjust the amount to meet your needs. It’s that easy!

Red-Eye Corrector: Enhancing Your Photos With Precision And Ease

Other than the tool used to remove red eye from photos, Luminar Neo has plenty of other tools that can enhance your subject’s eyes, for example:


This drop-down allows you to change the color or overall look of the iris. You can choose between Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Hazel, Honey, Mint, and exotic looks (Cat and Owl). The Original option leaves the iris color unchanged.

Iris Flare

This slider adds a flare to the lower portion of the iris. Adding flare can make darker irises brighter and more visible.

Eye Whitening

Use this slider to whiten the pupils to enhance the eyes.

Dark Circles Removal

Easily remove dark circles or shadows below the eye.

Explore Other Features

Luminar Neo has plenty of other features to help you edit faster and easier
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Golden Hour
 Enhance your photos with the warm, soft, and diffused light of the golden hour.
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Enhance your design projects with a background changer, a simple yet impactful tweak.
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Elevate your images with stunning photo filters
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Explore our tools to customize the perfect image saturation and bring your visuals to life.
Dehaze Photos
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Dehaze Photos
Effortlessly reveal hidden details and vibrant colors.
Unblur Image
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Unblur Image
Unlock the power of clarity and transform your blurry shots into crystal-clear masterpieces!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of red eyes in photos with Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo’s content-aware AI of the Red Eye Removal tool detects the exact area of the eyes that needs adjustments, automatically selects it, and fixes imperfections in a click. Adjust the amount slider to meet your needs, and you’re done!

Can red eye remover fix red eyes in black-and-white photos?

No, traditional red eye fixer tools are not designed to fix red-eye in black-and-white photos. These tools are typically designed to target the specific red-eye effect that occurs in color photos when the camera's flash reflects off the back of a subject's eye. In black-and-white photos, there is no actual red color to correct.

Does red eye correction affect the natural look of eyes?

When done correctly, red-eye correction should not significantly affect the natural look of the eyes. The goal of this correction is to remove the red glow and restore the natural color of the eye (typically shades of brown, blue, green, etc.). However, the success of red-eye correction depends on the quality of the software or tools being used, the skill of the person applying the correction, and the specific details of the photograph. We recommend using Luminar Neo.

Does red eye remover affect the overall image quality?

The impact of a red-eye remover tool on the overall image quality can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the tool, the original image, and how the correction is applied. In general, well-implemented red-eye removal should not significantly affect the overall image quality.