Orton Effect

Give your photos a unique look that sharpens and blurs at the same time.

The Orton Effect will give your photos an incredibly unique look. With an ability to be both blurry and sharp at the same time, be sure to explore a variety of looks in your photo with this filter.

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Scott Davenport



Filter controls


Use Type 1 to increase the Saturation of the image or use Type 2 to create a softer glow.


Controls the overall strength of the effect.


Choose whether you want the effect to blend gently or have more defined edges.


Raise or lower the luminance values of the entire image.


Use this to maintain a crisper difference between the light and dark areas of the photo. This is a useful way to create rich blacks and bright whites.


Controls the intensity of colors in the affected image.

Scott Davenport

Pro Photographer


Scott Davenport is a landscape photographer and photo educator based in San Diego, California. And he can’t help getting his feet wet shooting at the ocean.

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