Fast Track to Creative Results

Joel Grimes presents his inspirational thoughts and creative insights behind some of his iconic images using Luminar.
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One of the top artists of our time and Skylum Ambassador, Joel Grimes will be presenting his signature style and how he uses Luminar to get his final results done quickly. Having started out in 1984 with a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona, he has been driven by the creative process ever since. "I stood up and said I'm no longer a photographer. I'm an artist with a set of tools."

Joel's artistic style is unmistakable. With the combination of behind the camera techniques and digital darkroom editing enhancements, you'll be amazed at the results Joel creates with his images.

Guest: Joel Grimes
Host: Abba Shapiro


  • An Intro to Joel Grimes 
  • What makes a photographer an artist
  • Inspirational before and after images
  • Setting the mood
  • Quick results
  • Working with favorite Filters and Presets in Luminar