Master Exposure
And Relighting

It takes lots of practice to create a portrait worth a magazine cover. Laura Tillinghast knows all about it, and she's will share her tips with you.
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We've asked professional portrait photographer Laura Tillinghast to take you through her workflow using Luminar to add light and color to her images. You'll be able to apply these same techniques to your own portrait images. Laura's works have been published in magazines on regular basis, and are appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Laura has agreed to share some of her tips and tricks with the Skylum community. 


Presenter: Laura Tillinghast
Host: Abba Shapiro


  • What is relighting? 
  • What type of image needs improvement with exposure and lighting?
  • Working with Filters and Presets in Luminar.
  • Starting with a raw photo.
  • Using Adjustment Layers. 
  • Laura's favorite Filters for stunning portraits.
  • Masking Filters for more control.
  • Using Blend Modes for creative results.