Make your portraits shine with Luminar 4

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This morning we announced yet another new feature to Luminar 4, and we’re pretty excited about it! AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer will be a set of tools that let you have further control over portraits, allowing you to apply content-aware adjustments that make for professional results in no time!

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3 Ways Luminar 4 Makes Big Photo Prints Even Better

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Beyond canvas, acrylic and metal print options, newcomer Xpozer is making waves with its vivid satin prints and reusable forever frame. With Luminar 4’s key features and AI assistance, getting your digital photos ready for big-size printing is a breeze.

Want millions of people to see your image? The Skylum team is giving this opportunity exclusively to Luminar artists. This December you could be featured in one of the world’s most popular photography magazines: Practical Photography. Excited? Read more below!