Skylum Internship

Jump-start your career at Skylum! March 15 – July 15

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For 13 years, Skylum Software has been creating easy-to-use and efficient photo editing tools. With the help of artificial intelligence, we’ve automated the editing process to make it much simpler and faster, without sacrificing the creative control over your images.

Today, Luminar is used by 125,000 users every month.

We’re looking for talented beginner IT specialists who find our product interesting. We offer you an internship as C++ developer, macOS developer, or Windows developer. After you complete the internship, you’ll get an opportunity to get a job in the Skylum development team.

In our work we use the following technologies: WPF, Prism, Unity IoC, OpenGL, CEFSharp, REST API, SQLite, С++17, CMake, Conan, OpenCL, OpenCV, xSwift, Objective-C, Core Animation, SQLite, WebKit, REST, Protobuf and many more to solve any issue in the most effective way.

What is the internship process?

Each intern will have a mentor to guide them through the internship.

The internship program consists of both theory and practical implementation in product development.

Part of the lectures will take place online and the other part will happen in our Podil office.

You’ll get to know the best developers in person and watch them work.

You’ll get a monthly $500 scholarship payment during the internship period.

The best students will get an opportunity to secure a position at Skylum Software.

We’ll provide you with all the needed equipment.

Required time — approximately 4 hours daily.

You can specialize in:

  • C++

  • MacOS

  • C#

Send us your application if:

Preferred 3—5-year university student from computer science/similar faculties or after appropriate courses.

Basic knowledge of C++ and C++ Standard Library.

Basic understanding of OOP.

Basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

An experience in the image processing area would be a great plus.

Preferred 3—5-year university student from computer science/similar faculties or after appropriate courses.

Basic knowledge of Swift or Objective-C, ability to write working code.

Basic knowledge of C/C++, algorithms and data structures.

Basic understanding of OOP.

Preferred 3—5-year university student from computer science/similar faculties or after appropriate courses.

Basic knowledge of C# and XAML.

Basic understanding of OOP.

Wild desire to develop and get precious experience.

If you’re a student, we can adjust your work schedule to take your studies into account.


Anton Averich

I've been working in the image processing field for more than 11 years. During that time I had the opportunity to work on both sides: as the R&D engineer and as the Head of R&D. The C++ language has a bad reputation for being very complex and using it can lead to lots of subtle bugs. I think it's all prejudice. Yes, the language is not easy, but modern standards, a set of recommendations from professionals, and the right approach to learning will make the learning process simple and almost painless.

Mykhailo Kabanenko

I’m the Windows department tech lead at Skylum. I've been a master of Paint since 8 years and PowerPoint animations since 11. I have always been amazed how the motion of the picture captures the viewer’s focus and leads to the conceived places, providing a wow-effect. That’s why all my subsequent jobs were tied in one way or another with visualisation, which eventually led me to programming, and ultimately to Skylum. My current role is to provide users with both a powerful photo processing tool and an intuitive application. Simple and sometimes non-standard approaches to development + modern UI / UX - this is exactly the multiclass on which you need to spend all the experience points earned.

Igor Ovechko

I've been creating products for Mac and iOS for more than 12 years, as well as developing cross-platform solutions and web services using different languages ​​and technologies. I choose different tools depending on the task to get the greatest outcomes. I'm constantly learning and expanding my arsenal, and also helping others to reach new heights, and enjoy their accomplishments.

Internship schedule

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21.02 – 15.03


15.03 – 15.06

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