High Key

Turn your images into bright, high-contrast "fashion magazine" photos.

High Key provides an easy-to-use option to quickly transform your image into one ready for glossy fashion magazines. Often used for Fashion and Beauty photography, this filter will create bright, high contrast images.

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Filter controls


How much of the effect is added to the image.


Controls the behavior of the brighter areas of a photo.

Standard High Key

Affects the image in a global fashion.

Dynamic High Key

Is more limited in its effect, taking skin tones into account as it applies the filter to the image.


Determines if the overall colors become washed-out or stay richly-saturated.


Maintains contrast in the darkest areas.


Impacts the overall contrast in the image (the relative difference between the lightest and darkest areas).

Levi Sim

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If you’re like me, you simply enjoy making pictures. I’m fortunate enough to be a full-time photographer–which really means I run a small business, and I get to make pictures sometimes :D People tell me I’m passionate, and if that’s true, then helping others better their photography is right at the top of my list of passions (just below my wife and daughter…and Thai noodles. I love me some Thai noodles). When we learn together, I promise you’ll have a good time, you’ll learn new skills, and I’ll do my best to rub some passion off for you. Oh, and I’ll knock your socks off with my approach to street photography. I can’t wait to see you. I write regularly for Photofocus.com, and you can check out some of my articles on my website.

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