Noise reduction

Upon close inspection, you may notice unwanted and distracting noise or grain in your digital image. Often, this is caused by shooting photos with a high ISO setting on a digital camera, but it can also be caused by underexposure or a long shutter speed. 

A lower-quality consumer camera or zooming in on smartphone photos are also more likely to exhibit noise problems.

Fortunately Luminar offers an easy tool to reduce or remove noise. This command works on a Stamped Copy of the layer (essentially a merged image that has all your Filters applied). As such, this should be one of the last things you do to an image.

To remove noise in an image, follow these steps.

  • Finalize the look of an image using filters to get the final exposure, color, and style you want.
  • Choose File > Save and capture all edits made to your image as a Luminar file.
  • Click the Denoise Tool in the Toolbar or press Cmd+D.
The canvas zooms to 200% magnification to make it easier to see any noise in your image.
  • Drag the preview image by clicking and dragging inside the frame to locate an area where noise is present.
  • Compare the image on the left (the Original) and the Right (the Processed). 
If you don’t want to view the split-screen comparison you can click the Compare button to toggle the view.
  • Click the Strength dropdown menu to try different methods. 

These eight methods range from Lightest—Extreme and offer different amounts of noise reduction. Start with a lower strength setting to avoid over-reducing the details in an image.

Use the Amount slider to refine the amount of noise in the image. 
The Amount slider affects the strength of reduction of small noise in the image. Moving the slider to the right will increase the noise reduction.

When happy with the noise reduction, click the Apply button. To cancel this action click Cancel. The Denoise process may take a bit of time depending upon the Strength and Amount settings used. The Noise Reduction is applied to a new Stamped Layer.

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