Workflow using workspaces in Luminar
Workflow using workspaces in Luminar

Workflow using workspaces in Luminar

In this video, professional photographer and educator Jim Nix shows you one of his workflows in Luminar, using layers and the workspace features of Luminar. Jim will explain how to group a set of tools as a workspace and then quickly access these tools. You'll also learn why you need workspaces and how you will easily speed-up your workflow with this powerful feature. You'll see the editing sessions of an open road landscape shot, using the default Luminar workspace for the landscape photos. Jim will show you how easy it is to achieve a vivid and dramatic look, without wasting a lot of time. With the correct workspace in Luminar, all of your most essential tools are right at hand. Unlike presets, workspaces don't change the look of your photos instantly. The workspaces simply give you access to the most popular filters for a given task - you manually adjust the look and feel of your pictures, maintaining complete control. If you are not familiar with the workspace concept in Luminar yet, please watch this video. If you don’t have a photo editor for your Mac yet, please visit the Luminar page and download a free trial. 

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